Monday, October 7, 2013

Company from SouthWest Missouri :)

Richard's brother's family [Matt & Stephanie] came to see us at the end of September!
We enjoy having visitors, as it's often a good break from our daily routine.  :)
What made this visit special, was that Matt & Stephanie were celebrating their 18th Wedding Anniversary, and leaving their four children with us for a day and a half.  :)
Our guests arrived Friday night, and (as usual) we all stayed up late talking and laughing. :)
Matt & Stephanie left their kiddos with us Saturday morning .... and of course I felt guilty going to my Saturday morning math class.... I hurried home a couple hours later, to find that everyone was just fine, and hadn't needed me anyway.  :)
Richard then took the boys and Cousin Kendra to a Scottish Festival in St Louis, while I stayed at home with the little girls!   :)
It was so fun watching Kaysha, Karissa, and Ashlyn play~
We went on a walk together ...
...played in the swimming pool and slip n' slid ....
[yes, we were still having hot weather]

....and enjoyed a bit of dessert during our tea party. We obviously enjoyed our ice cream and cookies so much, that I forgot to take a picture!   :)
After the big kids returned, and our tummy's were full of taco's ....cousin Kendra taught us a new game.
 Each player had a piece of paper to write numbers 1 to 100 on. There was only one pencil going around the table. Each player took turns rolling a die to get a certain number(s), then pass the die to the next player while scribbling to 100 as quickly as possible. The player next to him, would then find a certain number on the die, grab the pencil out of the other player's hand, and begin writing numbers like crazy on his own paper.  :)  Whoever reached 100 first, won!!
Yes, Cousin Kendra won the game after several breath-taking, "on the edge-of-your-seat" rounds~  Woohoo!   :)  

It was a Saturday night, and we all needed showers before morning, to help with the "Sunday morning Rush".
I promised the kids that once they had a shower or bath, they could have some German Chocolate Cake that Stephanie had brought. :)
Everyone hurried to get their baths/showers taken .... and yes, the chocolate cake was very yummy!
Then, it was time for "Musical Chairs"- without chairs- due to our small living room.
Everyone grabbed a folded blanket or pillow as their "chair".
Cousin Kendra played piano for the game .... and then I played.  :)
The house roared with cousin fun!!   :)  :)
I believe a wrestling match ensued soon after this photo was taken.
Yes, the sugar from the chocolate cake had kicked in.   :)
We went to church the next morning in separate vehicles, and then met up with Matt & Stephanie for lunch.
I felt as if the time had gone by rather quickly! 
Bye, bye .... we'll see you again soon ...

Before Matt & Stephanie left, we took pictures in front of the house. This happens to be a ritual of ours; people who visit us from far away places, get their pictures taken. :)
 "Ok," I said, "let's take a "silly picture" ... and immediately, Karissa & Matt flew into action.  Haha! :)

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