Tuesday, September 24, 2013

~What Does Math Look Like~ ??

As you may know ... I took a step toward continuing my education, with a future plan of being a teacher someday (I have all the time in the world to get a Bachelor's degree; presently enjoying being a stay at home mom).
Actually... even though the above sounds great, I'm reviewing what I've forgotten over the past 17- 20 years [ Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education 17+ years ago]!!!
Yes, I've home schooled my boys through 6th grade, but desperately needed a review of mathematics.
Math concepts didn't make much sense to me 20 years ago, and I had bad childhood experiences to go with it. I avoided math at all costs.
While registering this fall for my college math review class, I told myself that IF math ever made sense, I'd write a story about the concepts, in order to help others who struggle.
Well ... surprisingly, math IS making sense this time around!!!  I am absolutely THRILLED!!!
It simply takes practice, practice, and more practice.
As for a "math story" to write for others to understand math concepts .... I was tickled to realize that I'd be writing about my own husband!!  Hahaha !  :)
Seriously, putting a "face" or "personality" onto math concepts ... would mean that I'd write about an individual particular with matching "like" items, and purging out the unnecessary, un-useful ones.
This individual would become particularly annoyed if others didn't "reduce" as completely as possible.
"What's with all these extra, unnecessary numbers?!" he might exclaim.   
Efficient with his time and all things surrounding him (yes, a great multi-tasker), his life would "tick", like a well oiled clock.
  :)   :)   :)
Hmm ... I might be onto something. 
I am excited to share my "non-traditional student" experiences, along with more "math story ideas", but will need to resume this later.  
Our house is in need of a little "purging"!   ;)

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