Thursday, September 19, 2013

~September 19th~

 The boys' second Cross Country Meet was canceled last week, due to the extreme heat... so we could hardly wait for Meet #3 (today, after school)!   :)
While the girls warmed up for their race [the girls and boys run separate races],
the boys stood around talking.
  "Don't think about it, " I heard one teammate advise the others.
 "When you're feeling pain, think about a time you felt WORSE pain, and then you'll feel better."
"Or, think about something good?" Another suggested.
"No," The boy continued to advise, "Thinking of something good will only make you feel worse. You must think of something more painful."
I smiled while overhearing their conversation, glad they were the ones running, and not me.   :)
 There were approximately 120 boys racing.
Go Antonin!! This was the half-way mark.
 Go, Caleb, Go!
There's nothing harder for a mother .... than waiting to see her child(ren) approach the finish line.
Woohoo! You can make it, Antonin! Keep going!  [he was 50th place]
 I ran to congratulate Antonin, and give him his cold water bottle.
Not too long after, I was congratulating Caleb! Great finish, Caleb!! [he was 76th place]
Afterwards, they cooled down, and talked about how tough the course had been.
They ran in full sun the entire 1.8 miles- not to mention in ninety degree weather.
I'm so proud of my boys!  :)
We hurried home to wish Richard (aka "Daddy") a Happy Birthday!!!   :)
 I had fixed one of Richard's favorite meals (Chuck Roast) in the crock pot ... and had baked one of his favorite desserts... Blackberry crisp!!
What a beautiful evening celebrating my best friend's special day!   :)  :)
I'm so thankful for the blessing of his life, and for his godly leadership in our home.
"Happy Birthday to you .... Happy Birthday to you .... Happy Birthday, dear Richard...
Happy Birthday to you ..... and many more ...."   ;)

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