Thursday, September 5, 2013


My Thursdays are long, but very blessed!
So blessed, that I'd rather write about it than study math.  :) 
I would like for you to see what I do each Thursday morning! :)
 I co-teach a Children's class during Community Bible Study- held at a local host church.
My co-teacher & I teach Sixteen four and five year olds, and we love it!
We arrive about an hour before class begins, to prepare our classroom (around 8:15AM). Then, we pray with the other teachers (The children's ministry goes through Teen CBS).
Before greeting children at our classroom door, we've prayed that God would direct our morning, and that the moms and children would be blessed.
I appreciate that Community Bible Study covers everything with prayer. :)
Do you like our "Blue Lambs" board?  :)
 Above photo: Our classroom all set up and ready for two hours with sweet kiddos!
I realize sharing photos of a classroom full of children would be more interesting, but I only post pics of my own children (except with permission).  :) 
Once class is over, we re-pack everything in our storage bins, and whisk them to the host church's storage closet. Then, we eat our sack lunch during Bible Study in the Leaders' Council (includes both children's teachers and Study group leaders).
Bible Study lecture & discussion follows our two hours of teaching kiddos- no missing Bible Study ourselves. Wohoo!  :)
While I'm in Leaders' Council, Ashlyn has a great time with her friends in CBS' "Lunch Bunch" (child care). We head for home around 2:30PM.
Yes, Thursday's are long, but so worth it! God really does fill-in all the gaps, and I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve.
Just for fun ... here's my bags when I return home ... I usually don't unpack them until Friday morning. :)  :)  Partly because I get busy with cooking Thursday evening's meal, last minute shopping & errands, etc.
Hmm ... and I know I'll need my backpack on Saturday for my math class.
Ok ... off my blog, and back to my flashcards and math practice.  
Happy Weekend to You (I'll be quizzing, practicing, and attempting to think more logically)!!!    :)   :) :)

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