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Washington trip~ Day Three, Monday, July 22nd~

Since Richard had previously taken the Seattle bus (grocery shopping), we knew that exact change was needed for taking a bus that morning.
Though Richard had once lived in the Bellingham, Washington area, he was not as familiar with downtown Seattle. He verified directions with the bus driver before taking a seat.
Other people riding the bus were very friendly, and backed up the bus driver's directions.
A lady with a service dog began chatting with us and the kids ... then later made a comment about "Pike & 5th" being where the drugs were. Hmm ...
I thought back to our first night in Seattle when we were wandering in search of the Seattle Streetcar.
"Weren't we on Pike & 5th the other night?" I whispered to Richard, once the lady got off at her stop.
Richard shrugged.
 Street talk doesn't bother my husband, but I had a few goose bumps- and not because of the cool Seattle weather.   :)
Our first destination of the day, was the Klondike Gold Rush Museum.
 My boys were silly, and purposely tried not to smile (all day long).
We had learned about the Klondike Gold Rush last year in our Homeschool, so how fitting to review what was learned, and to learn something new, too [perhaps the mention of school is why they wouldn't smile]!  
 We learned how Seattle had been a slow growing town at first. Then, when gold was discovered in Alaska in the late 1800's, Seattle's Marketing Developer told gold miners to come through Seattle en route to Alaska. There were other routes they could have taken, of course, but Seattle's advertising worked!
The Klondike Gold Rush was what helped Seattle to grow and prosper.
 Ashlyn received her Jr Ranger badge!  :)
Once we were finished with the museum, we headed toward China Town!
 Look at the life-size chess game!!  :)
 We met Paul & Lynette for lunch at a Thai Restaurant, and stuffed ourselves as full as possible!
We couldn't take the delicious food with us since we were still sight seeing, and without a cooler (no rented vehicle yet).
We browsed a bit more through China Town
 This instrument sounded similar to a violin!

Watch out for the dragon!  :)
We continued on toward Pioneer Square- the Historic part of Seattle.
 The beautiful park-like areas were a bit difficult to fully enjoy because of all the homeless people there. I tried my best to look past the broken, destitute individuals to enjoy the lovely Historic views, but it was a challenge for me. I wished I had been prepared to give them something. That said, there were SO many homeless, anything given would not have gone far.
We passed a Persian Rug store! Very interesting!
And ... did you notice the beautiful flower arrangements hanging from the buildings?
Next in our agenda, was the Seattle Public Library.
What an amazing library!!!
 We discovered there were 10 floors total!
One could either take an elevator or an escalator.

Inside this massive building, one might fear falling out of the building, and may hold tightly to the railing. Or, they might imagine they're inside a spy adventure movie.
I admit I breathed a sigh of relief when we were on the 1st floor again.  
Somehow, all those glass filled angles played with my mind ...   :)
The Children's section was on the 1st level- and quite awesome!   :)

We enjoyed our afternoon with Paul & Lynette, and it was soon time to say our goodbyes. We would meet up with them again later, in the Bellingham, Washington area.
We made our way to the Seattle Monorail Station, and waited for a ride to the Seattle Space Needle!
What fun looking into the streets below!
Unfortunately, we had forgotten about purchasing tickets for the Space Needle ahead of time (online), so we had to wait about an hour for our turn up the Needle. The good part, was that we had discounted tickets [they're cheaper 6pm and later]. :)
The ride up was smooth, and much like riding in an elevator- but with large windows.
Very cool, and non-scary! :)
On the Observation Deck, Richard explained Seattle's lay-out to the children.
We enjoyed the Space Needle much more than we expected. Since it was open-air (protective wire around observation deck), we could feel the pleasant breezes while taking in the sights and scenery below us.
I was leery of sticking my camera between the protective wires for a great photo. Ever since dropping Richard's iPhone over a cliff in Arizona, I don't trust myself anymore.   :)
I used my zoom a lot, and attempted to avoid the wires.
Mt Rainier looked like it was floating in the sky :)
More beautiful views ...


 One can stay up the Space Needle for as long as they want- even until Midnight, if desired (ha)!
Knowing this, we took our sweet time. :)

After soaking in views of Seattle and Mt Rainier, we took a ride back down the Space Needle, and then walked about one mile to our hotel.
We were all tuckered out once we reached our nice, comfy room ... pleased that the kiddos hadn't complained about our walk ("I'm tired", etc.)!  Woohoo! :)

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