Saturday, August 3, 2013

Washington Trip~ Day Two, Sunday, July 21st~

We attempted to sleep-in, but beginning at about 5 a.m. PST, we squinted at the clock and told ourselves to go back to sleep.   :)
Feeling a need for sleep, and actually sleeping, are two very different things!
 We loved our suite!
The boys slept on the pull-out sofa in photo below; Ashlyn slept on the reclining chair in her sleeping bag.
Our plan was to eat breakfast each morning at the hotel, then eat out for either lunch or dinner. Our goal was to eat out once daily, and we're pleased that we stuck with it!
After breakfast, Ashlyn & Caleb swam at the hotel pool, while Richard & Antonin went grocery shopping at a nearby Trader Joe's [they took the Bus; I was relieved Richard enjoyed navigating unknown territory].
Besides sandwich items, salads, and freezer meals, plenty of snacks were also purchased (oh- and water!).
Right around lunchtime, we met-up with Richard's parents, Paul & Lynette, and Richard's brother's family (Matt & Stephanie). They too, had come to Washington on vacation, and we had planned to get-together a couple of times during our trip.
Matt picked us up at our hotel, and took us where the rest of the Clan was waiting ... browsing the various Pier's along Puget Sound.
The air was cool, and a sweater or jacket was required while the sun hid behind clouds.
When the sun greeted us around Noon, we found ourselves tying our jackets & sweaters around our waists, marveling at the difference. Being in the sun wasn't "hot", but a "welcoming warmth".  :)
The breeze remained cool to our skin, and I thought it "cold" standing in the shade.
I noticed a few people in the crowd wearing tank tops, and thought for sure they must be freezing!
Sea Gulls flew and squawked above Pier 54, as we walked toward Ivar's Restaurant for some fish, chips, and chowder!
We soon realized costumers were feeding the Seagulls, which explains why so many were hanging around. We were amused to see a sign encouraging customers to feed the Seagulls. Really? :)
 Do you see the Seagulls in the background? Obviously, we were much too hungry to feed birds.   :)
 Ashlyn ate her lunch with Grandma & Grandpa  

 Once the kiddos' bellies were full,
we were ready to see more of the Riverfront.
 There were so many people around us, we had the children pair-up.
We took a break at Pier 59 ...

... and when we turned around, Lynette was being interviewed!!  :)
When Lynette re-joined us, she said a lady was writing a book on pies, and had asked her tips on pies- Pecan pie in particular.
I hope Lynette  didn't give away too many of her pie secrets ... she honestly could put together her own cookbook! 

After a bit of "pie talk" among us, we started off for Pike's Place Market!
On the way, we discovered an interesting light fixture!! 

We finally reached our destination, attempting to not bump into people, and to keep track of our children.
Look at Cousin Karissa kissing Pike's Pig!! Haha! :)

Pike's Place was so crowded, we split into two groups, and even then it was difficult staying together!

 Fresh berries were definitely worth our perseverance ...
 ... and the beautiful bouquets of flowers!!
 Rows and rows of the most gorgeous flowers you've ever seen- at an unbelievable price of only $5 or $10!  Too bad we hadn't thought to pack a vase on this trip!!!!
 Eeww ... now, this was not a pleasant sight or smell!!!
After a time of fighting the crowds, we left Pike's Market to get a treat at a nearby Starbucks.
Of course, there was a line-up to get into the store, since it was the "Original Starbucks".
While waiting, we listened to some lovely singers, "TheGeorgia's", who appeared to be sisters.
They harmonized really well together, and seeing them brought back memories of singing with my own sister [except that my sister & I didn't play instruments].   :) :)
They were having a good time, and enjoying every musical moment.
Besides a couple of old "love" (or broken heart/folksy blues) songs, they also sang "I'll fly away".
You can hear a couple samples online:
~Of course, "in-person" is always best~   :)

Once we were inside Starbucks, we enjoyed our coffee treat, along with a couple of photo ops!
This is where it all began .... back in 1971.

Before we said our goodbyes and took the Streetcar back to our hotel, we walked through Pike's Place one more time for a couple more photos.  :)
 [Stephanie had purchased flowers for her Birthday!]
Wow ... "Life is Art" .... and I would add that Life is the most beautiful Artwork ever created! :)

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