Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Washington Trip~ Day Eleven, Tuesday, July 30th~

Bright and early, we packed our luggage into our (rental) van, and headed back toward Seattle- a 1 1/2 to 2 hour drive.
Richard had (more than once) said the trip to the Bellingham area was like "returning home". While the rest of us were sad our wonderful family trip was coming to an end, Richard felt he was  leaving one of his homes behind. I reminded him that if his family had never moved away from Washington, he never would have met me.   :)  :)
We talked about what it'd be like to live in Washington ....
... and took in all the sights "one last time.".

Oh, look! The first section of this bridge was a "temporary" one, since the original had collapsed into the water below a couple of months ago. Yes, we crossed safe & soundly.  :)

We finally arrived in Seattle ... for a Boeing Tour!

We were allowed to take pictures in the museum area, but both phones and cameras were prohibited from the Boeing Factory tour.
Richard quickly returned our camera to our van after snapping the photo above.  :)

Entering the tour, we first entered a room to watch a movie. There were  no bathrooms available during the 90 minute factory tour, so they gave 6 minutes for people to leave and use the restroom (during movie).  lol!!!
Young children weren't allowed on the tour, and one had to be 4 feet tall. I was glad Ashlyn finally grew a bit taller last year. :)
During the tour, we rode on buses and enormous elevators to see different parts of the factory.
 The tour was run very, very efficiently, with simultaneous tours at once- without getting in each other's way!
One thing that struck me, was how many foreign-speaking people were on the tour. We heard various languages spoken around us in our tour group. I noted that we appeared to be the only Americans (or "English-only" speaking)- besides the tour guide.
I also noted how well the "foreign-speaking" individuals could understand and comprehend English. They'd nod in understanding as they walked along, and then asked the tour guide questions in very good English.
I was quite impressed. I imagined myself going on a tour in Spain or France. I don't think I'd understand one word from the tour guide(s)!!
Most Americans don't emphasize learning other languages (or at least in the Midwest). Even with learning a foreign language in a classroom, I doubt it'd compare to understanding a tour guide in a foreign country. Wow!  [I'm sure this is a discussion for another time and place]

Once the tour was finished, we returned to the museum area.
 The kids loved pretending they were pilots.

Richard & the children in front of massive engines!

Flags from all over the world hung from the ceiling

Below: a few of Boeing's airplanes.

We ate our lunches in the van, then made our way to Mukilteo Lighthouse Park.
There was a little extra time before needing to find our hotel and return the rental van.
Truth of the matter ... is that we lingered, not wanting to leave!
We didn't want our trip to end...   :)


 The drive back into Seattle was slow because of rush hour traffic.
While Richard checked into the hotel, me and the kids emptied the rental van completely.
We took the luggage to our room, while Richard returned the rental van.
Waiting for Richard to return .... [he was gone 3 hours due to traffic, and then public transportation back to hotel]... I did our laundry, went through our food, and re-organized our luggage for the long trek home.
We attempted to eat all the refrigerated items, but I admit it was difficult persuading everyone to eat more cottage cheese, when they'd rather have a (sweet) yogurt.  We had purchased a Styrofoam cooler on our trip, which came in very handy. In the morning, we would leave it behind at the hotel.
 We drifted off to sleep that night, thinking about the cool breezes, the lush flowers and plants ... the BERRIES ... the sparkling water ...
God had blessed us with a wonderful time together as a family, and had taught me (repeated) lessons of His Sovereignty and His Grace. He taught me again, how I needed to steady my focus on Christ, in the midst of stir-crazy life (to keep stress level at minimum). lol!!
 I couldn't have asked for a better vacation ....   :) 

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