Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Washington Trip~ Day Ten, Monday, July 29th~

The day began with a thick cloud cover. Later, when the sun greeted us, the mountains remained hidden from view. We were grateful we enjoyed the beautiful mountain scenery the day before (in spite of flat tire).   :)
While driving through the countryside of Everson, Richard stopped at an auction barn he use to frequent with his dad and brother. The place had not changed- it was still the very same as when he was a boy.
We were determined to pick some raspberries before leaving Washington, so began looking for "Pick Your Own" signs among the surrounding berry fields.
"Look! There's a raspberry picker!" Richard excitedly pulled over to the side of the road, to give us a better view.  The machine below, shook the raspberry bushes, and the ripe berries fell onto conveyor belts. People run the machine, and (I think) change out the buckets for raspberries to fall into.
I had no idea such a contraption existed. Incredible!
This raspberry picker was sitting at the side of the field, near the road. I wondered whether the lady pictured, was preparing the machine for more berry picking, or if she was finished with her rows.
We stopped at "Barbie's Berries" to pick some raspberries.
Of course, the boys rolled their eyes and asked why a berry picking place had to have Barbie's name. ;)
 MMmm, yum! We picked just enough for a (large) family snack. :)
It's not every day we get fresh raspberries!!!

The best raspberries- ever (and cheap prices)!!!   :)  :)
While savoring the sweet raspberry taste in our mouths, we stopped by Lynden, Washington.
Check out the beautiful flowers that hung along the streets!   :)

MMmmm ... and all the wonderful pastries inside the Dutch Bakery (both Dutch, and non-Dutch desserts)!   :)  :)

We chose a Dutch breakfast muffin, an almond cookie, and a pecan-like cookie dipped in chocolate.
These were all authentic Dutch desserts, but I failed to copy down their exact Dutch names. :)
I thought the poem on the wall was a good reminder for our family. To focus on good, honest, hard work, one will be doing God's Will (my paraphrase).   :)   It made me smile, since I tend to complicate my thought-life by wondering & questioning God's Will. "No worries, Sara!  Just work hard, and everything will fall into place," the poem seemed whisper.   :)  Ah, what profound simplicity. :)

We shared the wonderful Dutch desserts ...
... then took a stroll.

Beautiful flowers sure make window shopping enjoyable!  :)

The Dutch Mall, built to resemble Holland, used to be busy at one time, but was now empty, quiet ... and sad.  :(
We were the only browsing customers... and there was just one store (photo below).

If desiring Dutch Heritage & activities, visit Washington during the Tulip Festival in June. Richard remembers it being very awesome! :)
We soon meandered our way to the Birch Bay area- our last time on a beach before leaving Washington. We took our time and stayed as long as our little hearts desired. 
We all began to feel sad that we'd be leaving for home-the Midwest- soon.

Antonin with his "Lord of the Rings" creations

Richard & I talked, while the children continued to play ... and play ..
None of us really wanted to leave, but there was one more place to visit before the day came to an end.

Whatcom Falls!!  It was a smaller water fall than Nooksack, but still very lovely!
There was a fish hatchery nearby to check out, too!
Two tanks had large fish inside...

....and one other had smaller fish!
Yet another outdoor Science lesson :)

 Part of the time, Antonin complained his leg hurt, so Richard gave him a piggy-back ride. :) 
 We took our time returning to our hotel... to pack up our things and say goodbye to the Bellingham area the next morning.
*Sigh*, the time had come to leave "paradise"~ 
"Take a good look around you, and enjoy the sights one last time," Richard said, "We won't see it again for a very long while ...."

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