Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Return Home~Day Twelve, Wed., July 31st~

 The plan was to sleep in since our flight left at Noon, but I (again) awoke at 5 AM (7 AM Central Time), and tried falling back to sleep.  :)
After breakfast, we gave our last hotel room a good "once over" ...
... then took a shuttle to the Seattle airport.
We had successfully reorganized our luggage down to the original one suitcase and five carry-ons, but we still had some (non refrigerated) food to eat. 
People probably thought we were crazy to eat in the middle of a busy airport ... but we didn't want to throw food away!
When we went through security, we were down to a few snacks that could be taken on the airplane. Yay! :)
We arrived at the airport 40 minutes before our flight was to leave, but between waiting in a long security line, taking potty breaks, and eating food .... we arrived at our gate just as passengers began to board the plane.
Hey! This time, there was a window on my side of the plane!  :)

I sat between Ashlyn & Antonin
Caleb & Richard were in the row in front of us.  :)
As you can see, it was a cloudy day .. but we caught one last glimpse of Mt Rainier during take off.   :)

Flying over Washington or California
We were nearing our layover in LA ... and could see the famous "Hollywood" sign!  :)
Like most other people at the LA Airport, we had to take a transfer bus to our next gate (once we figured out where we were going).
Again, we arrived at our gate just as passengers were beginning to board.
Richard ran to get a quick fruit smoothie for me, and I was half-way worried he wouldn't make it back in time.
We were one of the last ones to board the plane!
I sat next to Caleb, Richard sat with Antonin .... and Ashlyn sat all by herself across the aisle. [remember the "window seat schedule"? By this time, Ashlyn had had all her window seat opportunities]
We were now on American, and on our way back to St Louis!

California looked lovely from the sky!!
Time was not on our side traveling East, and the sun quickly sank in the sky; what a beautiful Air sunset!
We arrived in St Louis pretty late ... right around 10 PM.

We picked up our luggage and headed for home on the MetroLink!
When we stepped off the MetroLink, headed for the long-term parking (and home), I asked, "What's that smell?"
Richard just looked at me questioningly.
"It smells like damp corn outdoors!  No, wait! It's a mixture of a grassy smell and a "wet" smell. And we live here?!"   ;) 
For the first time in my life, I had been away from the Midwest long enough to learn what humidity smelled like. Haha!!  :)  :)  Even comparing exact same temperatures, the Midwest smells and "feels" different than the Pacific Northwest.
You would simply have to be there for Eleven days, and then return to the Midwest to see what I'm sayin' ....
~The End~
I hope you enjoyed the story of our trip!

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