Monday, August 26, 2013

A blessed month of August, Part 1 :)

August has been a full month for our family!
First, was Caleb's 14th Birthday- on Sunday, August 11th.
The cake almost looks pinkish ... but it wasn't. I used a cinnamon frosting for writing his name, and decorating the edges... and I believe this is the plainest birthday cake I've ever made. The requested cake themes were simply too "involved" for my artsy/comfort level, and I was glad that my son was content with just a "normal" cake.  :)
 Caleb wanted a "family party", so we celebrated his birthday once we returned home from church.

 Antonin's 12th birthday wasn't for two more weeks, but we made the decision to give both boys their birthday gifts at once (since they were getting the same thing). We had put together the boys' birthday money from our families (& us), to buy them ipods!   :)
Richard created a fun treasure hunt for the boys ... the anticipation grew ...
 They had to answer riddles to get to the next "clue" ...
 One clue was in our mailbox .... one was in the trash can ...
 Finally, the boys found their ipods in their shoes!!
I caught Antonin's reaction- a squeal and scream!!!    :)
[ahem, excuse the laundry & cleaning in the background ...]
Caleb appeared cool as a cucumber, and flashed a smile.   :)
 Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy .....   :)   :)

 I've noticed that whenever the boys require my attention ... Ashlyn comes up with grand ideas or creations. I'm not sure whether it's because she gets bored, or she decides she wants attention too.
She came to me with her"Spoon Family", and asked if I'd take a picture.   :)

Antonin's 12th birthday was two weeks after Caleb's ... Sunday, August 25th.
Yep- our boys are exactly two years and two weeks apart.
I embarrass them when I say things like, "I miss my baby boys so much (smooch, smooch)"!! :)
I would love to go back to their baby days just for a little while- perhaps just for the kisses! [Babies grow up too fast, and too quickly exclaim, "No kisses, mom!"]

 Antonin wanted a Cross Country cake, since he is participating in Cross Country in school.
I had a very hard time finding ideas that didn't require much time and effort. So...I simply put stickers on wax paper for the Cross Country decorations.
 Happy Birthday, Antonin!

 We invite a few of Antonin's friends over after church, for a "Birthday play date".
It wasn't a typical birthday party .... but a play date with pizza, cake & ice cream.

What made the month of August even more special, is the fact that all three of our children were baptized on Sunday, August 18th.  :)
If you look at a calendar, you will see that the 18th falls right between our boys' birthdays.
Not only were our boys born in August, but they made their faith in Christ publicly known.
 Caleb was glad he was first, by the way ...  :)
Antonin was second...
August is not Ashlyn's birth month, of course, but this was a special time for her too!
Buried with Christ, raised to walk in Newness of Life.
What a sweet experience watching our children learn and grow in Christ.
No, they aren't perfect angels by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm grateful for their tender hearts, and pray God keeps their hearts soft. My hope is they never stop seeking God in all they do, say, or think. [Love God with all their heart, soul, mind, strength]
 I included the photo below, so you could see Richard's face.  :)
I wasn't watching Richard during the baptism, but someone later told me that he was beaming from ear to ear the entire time.  :)

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