Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A blessed month of August, Part 2

As you may know, our boys attend a local Christian school.
Caleb is in 8th grade, Antonin is in 6th.
This is Antonin's first year in a "regular classroom", having been home schooled all his life.
I admit I was a bit concerned, and hopeful for a pleasant adjustment.
When I discovered that two of Antonin's church friends would be in his class, I thought, "Good! Now I won't need to contact a couple of classmates (to get together) before the school year starts."
I was even more thrilled to learn that Antonin's piano teacher was hired as a 6th grade teacher, and that Antonin would be in her home room ( there are two 6th grade home rooms)!!!! 
Yes, we lost a good piano teacher .... but gained a school teacher Antonin already knew.  :)   Antonin seems to be adjusting fairly well so far, and I'm one thankful mama!!
I've included these old piano recital photos to prove that Miss Rogier was Antonin's piano teacher.
 Now that Miss Rogier will no longer teach him piano .... Antonin is now interested in learning the trumpet. Oh joy!!!  
The first day of school, we had lots to carry ... we might take a suitcase next year!  :)
Miss Rogier's classroom- Antonin's very first classroom experience! [yes, he's looking at me as if saying, "Oh mom...."]
I will need to take a picture of Antonin with Miss Rogier one of these school mornings ...  :)
This is Caleb's second year in a classroom, and appears to be comfortable with 8th grade, in spite of English worries (he dislikes writing).
 I still have Ashlyn at home with me, and we are having a great time in 3rd grade!!!  :)
Our time together has been so sweet- I'm enjoying it!!!!!!!
 Both boys participate in Cross Country, so I don't see them until after 5pm each day. Yes, I miss them very much~
We're all adjusting to our new family schedule, and so far... it's busy, but good.
Our evenings are usually more quiet with the boys working on homework, preparing for the next day of school.
While they are busy with homework, I work on my homework, too.   :)
I'm taking one college class at a time- not worried how long it will take me, but simply enjoying the journey.
I needed to start with math, since it's my weakest area, and I experienced "less-than-desirable math instruction" as a young child. My past negative math experiences effected the remainder of my schooling years.
 For motivation, I tell myself that re-learning math is learning another "side" of God.
He's the One who created math ... and He used math to create the world!
So far, math is not as scary as one might think (I said, "so far"; this class isn't over yet).
My math e-book & homework are both online, but how do you like my unorganized math notebook below?
 I decided to review my multiplication tables before completing the rest of my online math homework. I know, I know... it all sounds very elementary, and my boys get a kick out of my "reviews". I found that I had forgotten most of the 7's, 8's & 9's (& 12's)!!!
I had better get it "down", because I'll have more math classes left to conquer after this one!
[the requirements in Early Childhood Education are much more "math focused" these days- ugh!]

Here's a more pleasant photo (below)!!!  
I'm preparing for tomorrow morning's Community Bible Study (Thursday mornings)!
I will be co-teaching a 4 & 5 year old class during CBS, and am very excited.
The first day is always chaotic, and I haven't done this for a couple of years .... but GOD will be there with us!!!  
Ashlyn is looking forward to her Bible Study as well- we are studying the Book of Acts.
The children's studies are similar to the adult studies- on age appropriate levels. :)
I anticipate sharing more about our family's School Year ....  :)
Remember .... God WILL supply ALL our NEEDS, according to His riches in Glory through Christ Jesus! [Philippians 4:19]

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