Saturday, August 31, 2013

~Cross Country~ :)

Both boys are participating in Cross Country this fall!
Seeing how I have a Saturday morning math class, I missed their first meet.  :(
While I prepared for my math class, the boys excitedly prepared for their first race of the season. :)
At 6:45AM, they were ready to walk out the door. They needed to be with the rest of their team to warm-up, by 7:30AM [the race started at 8AM].
 Richard took the boys to the meet, and snapped these photos for me.
 So proud of my boys for running two miles.  :)
Caleb won 38th place, and Antonin won 26th place!!!
The first 62 runners to reach the finish line, received medals .... so they finished well! :)
Two very fast runners on their team, received 5th & 9th places!
Yay, for FBA Cross Country!   :)  :)
 I think this runner  is Antonin ... but that's just a wild guess.  
This was the only Saturday meet, so I'm looking forward to being present at their next race!!!
Go, Caleb!  Go, Antonin! Go, FBA!!
[Team spirit is contagious!!]    :)

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