Sunday, June 16, 2013

~Summer daze~

Our "slow summer" is picking up speed ....
isn't it interesting how quickly the calendar fills up! :)
Besides participating in local VBS's,
we've intently focused on our summer math & reading.
I've also been looking for ways to keep our pre-teen & teen boys busy, with odd jobs around our suburban home. I am amazed with how much energy growing boys have, and how difficult it is to find work for them. I often run out of ideas, and by each afternoon encourage them to play basketball or ride their bikes again- anything but video games!! [we do have an allotted time of one hour per day for electronics]
 I remember my great aunts & uncles sharing about life growing up on an Indiana farm. They were always busy.
Seeing how my great-grandparents had seven boys (nine children total), I'm sure their family farm was a huge success.
Think what could be accomplished in ONE day's time with all those boys!  
Yes, along with a farm and seven boys, came hearty appetites ... but at least everyone was busy, right? :)
The Nathan Pletcher family in 1939 [my mom's side of the family]
Though farming would be a great work-out for our growing boys, we aren't planning a move to a farm anytime soon. haha! ;)
~Something else melting our summer (& calendar) away, is our fall 2013 schedule.
All paper work for boys attending private school -Check!
All curriculum for daughter planned (lone home schooler)- Check!
All extra-curricular activities planned & set- Check!
I think we're ready for fall now!!!
[said with a laugh! Why ponder such details in the middle of such beautiful summer weather?!]  :)
Ever heard of First Lego League?
Antonin recently joined a local Robotics team, and looks forward to his first season- Yay!!
 He will be working along-side his teammates on a "workable solution" to a challenge.
This year's challenge is "Nature's Fury: helping to master natural disasters".
Since I'm new to this, I don't know yet what "project" to expect (besides the fact that there will be a meteorology field trip, and team research).
I'm looking forward to seeing how the team's project comes together!
Antonin's team will work hard together through the year, and then compete with other robotics teams late winter or early spring.

 Fortunately, I shouldn't need to help my son with this new robotic endeavor. My role is to simply be supportive and chauffeur!!   :) 
If you'd like to read more for yourself about Robotics, or think you'd like to begin your own team, click on this link:

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