Monday, June 10, 2013

~First days of Summer~

Ahhhh .... the sweet, low-key days of summer!
I've always loved the time of year when the clock seems to tick more slowly .... or does it?
It must be the longer days!
We spent Memorial Day weekend with Richard's family, in Springfield, Missouri.
What a wonderful beginning to our summer!!!    :)
 The girl cousins played at Aunt Christi's house, and had a blast!  :)
All the boy cousins were at Uncle Matt's house, celebrating cousin Winston's 13th Birthday.
Ah, the simplicity of relatives living  10 minutes from each other~
So when we were staying at Aunt Christi's house, and discovered our boys had left their suitcases at Uncle Matt's house ... no problemo!!   :)
 When the boys eventually re-joined the girls, they all chilled in the Living Room for a movie.
There's always someone to play "tea party" with ...
 .... and cowgirls & indians!!   :)
 I did not take enough photos of  family! :( 
As always, time flew by, and we returned to Illinois ...
.... to pick strawberries!!!    :)
 We have a strawberry bush in our backyard that we enjoy "nibbling" from, but wanted LOTS of strawberries to eat and make jam!
What fun picking strawberries at Eckert's (a local orchard)!
I took these strawberry photos after we returned home, since I did not have my camera at the strawberry patch. ;)

 The boys thought these strawberries were especially cool!

 Of course, little sister wanted to show her "special" strawberry, too.
Vacation Bible Schools, visits with friends, purging & cleaning the house ...
yes, much is happening around here, but at a sweeter and slower pace.  :)
I'm loving every moment~ my heart is full!   :)
Our schedule is steadily picking up its pace .... but that's for another blog post!
Actually .... a week before our "sweeter, slower" summer began, my parents from Indiana came for a visit. :)
We love it when people visit us, because we get to enjoy their vacation with them!   :)
Besides enjoying one another's company,
 We went to St Louis and browsed the Basilica ...
 ... and the Farmer's Market in Soulard!!!

Mom & dad took us to Golden Corral for a treat,  our children's favorite part of Grandma & Grandpa Shelley's visit, of course!  :)  :) 
Who will visit us next??   :)  :)

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Lovely pictures and what a lovely family :)
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