Thursday, June 27, 2013

~ 38 years!~

I am now 38!
Another year older, wiser... and shorter!
I have shrunk  1/2 an inch, and am now fighting for the height I have left.
Hmm, perhaps weight training and pull-up exercises would help. 

My little family celebrated my 38th, the weekend before my Birthdate.
Friday, Richard treated me to a Thai food Restaurant, and some iced Thai coffee!! Yum!  I love dates with my sweet little man. :)
Monday, my gift arrived in the mail ... a new camera! Thanks, Richard!
Finally, Tuesday rolled around.
I  watched the clock until it read 6:29AM (the time I was born), then announced to my husband that it was my birthday. :) :) 

My actual birthday was a beautiful sunny day, spent quietly at home.
Well- mostly quiet.  :)
Besides keeping the kids busy around the house, I ran back and forth between a college campus and home, taking care of business. It's amazing how much time and effort it takes to sign up for one little class!!!
By the end of the day, I admit that I was near tears from frustration and various other emotions.
 I'm officially a student again, with the goal of reviewing & improving my math skills before continuing my education [I presently have an Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education].
One class at a time, since my family still needs me at home, by the way. :)
 My "math review" class will be on Saturday mornings, beginning August 17th- my first class on a college campus, in 17 whole years!!!

I can do all things through Christ, Who gives me strength! 
If God gave me the desire to improve myself and attempt learning more about God mathematically, I'm certain I should survive.   :)
Just kidding ... I WILL survive!!
I am 38 now- older & wiser ....  ;)


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