Monday, March 11, 2013

~Braces & Health ~

Around the same time we left to visit family in Missouri (& enjoy anniversary trip), I got braces on my teeth!! Our youngest, Ashlyn, was having orthodontic work on her mouth because of a cross bite, and I've always desired straight teeth ...  so decided to straighten my teeth too, or forever hold my peace.   :)   
In case you're wondering whether a child really needs a "phase 1" treatment- some do!
In Ashlyn's case, her top and lower teeth overlapped within a cross bite, causing dental issues (like receding gum). Her cross bite was corrected in 3 months, wearing an expanding retainer that I tightened (cranked) each week. We're now waiting on two of her adult teeth to come in, so that braces can be put on her four front adult teeth.

I now have braces on my lower teeth since the above picture was taken, and I can say that all is well!
I must, however, work on my tendency to not want to "bother" people (hmm, I think this may be a family trait).
A wire was bowing out into my cheek and I called the ortho office to report it, but was encouraged to make an appointment since the Dr wouldn't be in the office the next day.
 At my husband's prompting [heehee, it's always this way], I dropped in the Ortho's office a day before my appointment because I could not stand the bowed-out wire rubbing my cheek any longer!!! [ I had gone all weekend; waited 4 1/2 days total, silly me]
*Ahh* ... my mouth feels MUCH better now that the wire is clipped.  Whew!  :)
Um... no photos of Ashlyn yet; retainers don't photograph well. Once her braces are on, I'll share one. :)
Besides remembering to check my braces often for unsightly food...
I've recently taken my health more seriously.
It seems the older I get, the more I realize one cannot ignore health issues!!
I live with an autoimmune disease, which means that my confused immune system attacks my body. In my case, my immune system attacks my thyroid gland (Hashimoto thyroiditis).
I've discovered that I have a wheat allergy, though without gluten intolerance. This technically means that I could eat gluten, but without the wheat! Obviously, gluten & wheat go together, so that wouldn't work. :)
Studies have shown that those with Hashimoto's tend to have allergies to gluten or wheat.
The immune system originates in the gut, so if you have an autoimmune disease and are allergic to something you're eating, you should stop eating it.  :)  
I'll begin grinding brown rice for flour, instead of my "usual" wheat berries, and begin experimenting with a mixture flours for making (good, tasty) pastries & desserts.
I look forward to sharing my new experiences here- this may be quite interesting. haha~  :)
I also have high cholesterol, with a family history of heart disease (not to mention, a "new" heart murmur).
 I'm on a re-newed quest for optimum health! I'm resuming intentional healthy eating, and faithful exercise. I admit that I slacked off exercising this winter, since I prefer jogging outside (and hate the cold).
Most people with Hashimoto have trouble losing weight, but I have the opposite problem (no, I am not "hyperthyroid"; my underactive Hashimoto lab results are correct).
I cannot gain weight even if eating a 10 lb steak!!!!  {My husband often tells me I have quite an appetite for a girl my size}.   :)  :)
When I jog around our neighborhood, there's one neighbor in particular who shakes her head and asks, "Why do you need to exercise?? You're so thin, you don't need it!!"
I explain that I exercise for my health. She then asks, " You eat more than water, don't you?" 
At this point, I pick up my jogging pace so I won't have to respond. heehee~!   :)
I can have all the meat, veggies & fruit smoothies that I want, of course!  :)
{well ... not as much red meat; increasing fish and fish oils in diet, and increasing fruits & veggies}
God created us with very unique, complex systems, which is what makes research so fascinating for me (though I don't wish to bore anyone).  :)
I will share tid bits of researched information {healthy living} as I continue to learn and experiment.
With such complex systems, it's important for any of us to take our health into our own hands along with a good Dr.'s care.  :) :)
I thank God for my good health in the midst of my "continued quest" for good health!   :)   :)   :)
*All moms MUST feel good!!!*

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