Thursday, March 14, 2013

~Blessed momma, though not perfect~ :)

For me, one of the most exciting things being "mom" ... is to see my children's interests and gifts blossom into something beautiful!!
Why don't I notice their natural, God given gifts more quickly, and without question?
Could it be because I'm so focused on correcting negative childish behavior... and encouraging the interests I want my kids to have?
Oh my- that's not the mom I've desired to be!!!
 I need to remember that my kids are NOT "miniature Richard's or Sara's", and will have different and unique giftings.
To accept one's uniqueness, is to accept who he is as a person.
I trust that my children know they are completely loved- even during those moments I fail to use understanding within our relationship.
 It took me awhile to realize that our oldest, Caleb, has an interest in computers, because I kept chasing the kids away from electronics. Yes, I admit I tend to "over- react" slightly when it comes to computer time (or video games).
Balance, balance, balance,  I tell myself. There isn't anything inherently evil with being on the computer.
The importance is healthy time management, being intentional in front of an electronic device- not wasting valuable time.
I need to be understanding and allow "allotted" electronic time, and find ways for Caleb to develop his interest in computers (beyond game playing, of course).
I will encourage Caleb to learn more about computers, and hope that he'll teach me something.  ;)
[no pressure ... haha!]
In case you're wondering about school ....
I am very pleased with Caleb's hard work in a local Christian school. 7th grade is going well, and he's enjoying the experience.
It's been a year full of hard work, and he's risen to the challenge!  :)
8th grade, here we come!!!

Antonin (our middle child), totally surprised us!!!
The past couple of years, he's been quite interested in Taekwondo, winning medals in several tournaments.
As you can see, I even made him a special Taekwondo cake for his Birthday last August, since he had recently moved up to the Blue belt rank.
When Antonin started telling us he no longer wanted to participate in Taekwondo, I couldn't believe my ears!! I admit that I asked him about Taekwondo in several different ways (over the course of 3 wks or so), thinking perhaps there was some misunderstanding.
Was I missing something? Antonin was the highest jumper in Taekwondo!! He was great!
Richard talked with him too ... and the answer was the same.
Antonin had fun in Taekwondo, but now wanted to try "other things".
It was time for me to "let go", and quit talking about it.  :)

 I began noticing that my boys were practicing baseball in the yard. Hmm ... could baseball be Antonin's new interest?   :)
He's hoping to play baseball on a school team next fall (we'll see ...).    :)
Yes, fall 2013 (6th grade) will be Antonin's very first experience in a school other than home school-- I'm very excited for him, and know he will adjust well.

One more thing .... Antonin has recently begun drawing pictures in his free time.
It surprised me that a child of ours (and left handed) taught himself how to draw so well.
I'm very proud of him, and will look for ways to encourage this interest.  :)

I cannot tell yet what Ashlyn's interests are .... but I am thankful for her heart of encouragement, and sweet, innocent love.
All on her own, she decided to color some pictures and write a card to a neighbor who recently had surgery.   :)
I anticipate watching her grow into a young lady, sure we will be surprised by her God-given gifts, too.   :)

Motherhood is such a GIFT!!
God blessed me with Caleb, Antonin & Ashlyn, so surely He has equipped me to train them.
I pray that I "let go", and let God give my children gifts & interests that He desires.
I need to live with them in understanding,
 teach & guide them in the paths they should go- both spiritually and physically/practically. 
[Proverbs 22:6 "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it."].   :)   :)

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