Wednesday, March 6, 2013

~Blessed~ Part III

We visited the Desert Botanical Garden, our last morning in Arizona!
We knew desert flowers would not be in bloom, but anticipated seeing the unique beauty God gave deserts.

 Hey, look! There were a few flowers blooming in spite of the cooler weather!

~I thought this was the coolest sun dial~ :)

The botanical garden was very nicely done, and well worth our time.
Our quiet, peaceful morning in the botanical garden flew by quickly.
We returned our rental car, and navigated the airport once more, praying for a smooth(er) trip home.   :)
We anticipated our flight home, happy we would see our kiddos again!!!

The lovely sunset we enjoyed while over Dallas, Texas (after layover).
We'd arrive safe and sound in Tulsa, Oklahoma, our luggage intact.We'd spend one last night childless, then drive to Springfield, Missouri to pick our kids up!! [*sigh*, wasn't that rental nice while we had it]   :)
It was good to be together again as a family!
All the way home to Illinois, we counted our blessings, and thought of God's goodness for allowing some "couple time" away.
Since taking this 15th Anniversary trip, I've come across very sad stories of other families losing a spouse or other family member during family trips.  Why God allows one family to have a good time on a trip, but takes away from another family, I'll never understand.
What I do know, is that I need to count my blessings and give my Heavenly Father thanks, daily.
Even those difficult moments when I feel as if everything is going crazy wrong, and I search in vain for a fast-forward button?  :)
Every single crazy moment, sing thanksgiving in my heart.
Because none of us are guaranteed "tomorrow"~
Because God is Sovereign, in control, and I can trust Him with my life.
Trusting Him with my life, I can praise and thank Him instead of focusing on what I am unable to control.
Trusting Him in all things, I can even re-evaluate & eliminate tasks off my "to do" calendar with a clear mind. I can ask God what He wants me to do with my time and energy, instead of wondering what others would want me to do (now, that's stressful!!).
I certainly learned plenty of lessons during our trip, and was glad I had Anne Voskamp's book with me at the beginning (to count all the hidden blessings)! 
Looking back, nothing that happened during the first of our trip was very "terrible" in the scheme of life; shows how very spoiled I am. 
 I'm a blessed woman!

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