Sunday, February 24, 2013

~Blessed, Part II~ :)

~Each morning, we started our day with breakfast in our hotel room~
We went shopping at the local Trader Joe's soon after arriving in Arizona, with plans to fix our own breakfast & lunch, and visit restaurants for dinner. It surprised me how little food we consumed, compared to family lunches with our three growing children.   :)

Here's several more photos from our jeeping adventure ...

(couldn't help sharing the above photo again!!)

Aha! I caught Richard driving while playing on his iphone!!! 
Just kidding .. I was unable to snap (unblurred) photos while the jeep was moving.
 Have you ever ridden across rough terrain in a jeep? We had a very bumpy ride!
The path was smooth & muddy in some places, very rocky in others. The farther along the trail, the more treacherous it became. At one point, Richard had to crawl the jeep up very large boulders. Like I said, I wasn't able to snap decent photos while jeeping. Believe me though-- it was  FUN!!!   :)
We drove along several different trails, enjoying the beautiful views around us while listening to the radio. We actually ran out of things to talk about!! It's amazing how much more ground you can cover (communication-wise) without "life" interruptions. :)

The next day, we decided to drive north toward Flagstaff, and stopped at a scenic look-out point. We knew there was a ski resort in the area, but the changes in elevation and temperature (compared to Sedona) still amazed us.
What was even more amazing, was that Navajo Indians set up goods to sell in 32 degree weather. They told us they sell items every Saturday, year round, rain or shine. What true devotion!

Again- we were amazed with how quickly the altitude dropped on our way back to Sedona.
Look- no more snow!
In downtown Sedona, we browsed a shopping area within a resort. What beautiful shops and art galleries!

We spent the rest of our afternoon browsing other shops & stores. 
The town of Sedona was quite busy, and we couldn't imagine how crowded it might be in the spring & fall (their busiest times).
Richard took me to a Thai food restaurant!! Woohoo!

 MMmm ...  my mouth is watering just looking at this food again!
We both love Thai food, though only "Level 1 spicy" is tolerated. :)
 The fireplace added to the warmth  and romance ...

Time flew by, and we soon had just one more day in Arizona.
We took the following pictures before driving to Phoenix  We would return home the next afternoon [er... to Tulsa, Oklahoma, then Springfield, Missouri ....THEN home to Illinois].

 Yes, we LOVED our rental car!!!
We were "bumped up" to a mustang when a "regular" rental car was not available. :)

Goodbye Sedona .... we'll miss you!!
Phoenix is lower in elevation than Sedona, so we didn't need our jackets for the trail up a mountain.
 ~A hazy day in Phoenix~

We were glad we had spent most of our time in Sedona, because we weren't that impressed. Well, that was my opinion.  :)  :)  One could walk miles and miles in the same dirt and rock ... with no blooming plants or trees to cheer him/her along the way.
Oh- that's right. It was the middle of  *winter*.  :)  Sedona hadn't seemed so dismal with its red rock & dirt.
After climbing and descending the dusty Phoenix trail, we found a park to explore.
We ran along trails and climbed large boulders, with no cares in the world. :)
We wondered if it would ever work to move out West; then began weighing the pro's and con's.
Nah .... we simply needed to treasure the moments we'd had during our 15th Anniversary trip!!
Yes, even those first two chaotic days!! Looking back, the chaotic blessings made our 15th very memorable, and gave me something to write about!

 Look!! Something green and beautiful ! No wonder it's called an oasis! :)

 A few fun photos!   :)

 Can you tell I took this picture myself?   :)

Checking into our Phoenix hotel, we quickly ate our left-over food, and purchased a new suitcase at Walmart (the one I had brought to Arizona was damaged from previous flight).
We packed and prepared for our flight home.
Our quiet time was nearing an end ....

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