Wednesday, August 15, 2012

~The night before school~

'Twas the night before school, and all through the house
every child stirred, sleeping restlessly~

Notebooks, pencils spelling tests, and desks
all danced jigs upon their heads~

Mother dutifully marked every school supply, checking her lists multiple times,
watching father balance the checkbook online~


      [ahem], I would need more time to add-on and make the above "sketch" look more like a poem, but "The night before Christmas" is what came to mind this evening while noting the level of anticipation and excitement in our house.
  Caleb is all set and ready for 7th grade at First Baptist Academy, and his younger brother and sister heartily cheer him on.   :)  :) 
     As mentioned in an earlier post, this year will be very different for us, with having one child in private school and two children in home school! I've anticipated the change as bravely as possible....
     ....and now it's here. Full force, no holding back.
    I've printed and filled out paper work for both school worlds today, edited and printed my son's Summer Reading Assignment (will he ever learn to capitalize or indent???? ), and finished preparing all his school supplies.
     Caleb's school supplies presently sit near the front door, waiting for morning. Tomorrow is Caleb's big day!!  Richard will take Caleb to school and help him learn his new locker.
I will stay home with our younger two children and help them organize their home school material, and then work a half-day of school.
    Caleb will run cross country after school, so I will pick him up later in the afternoon...if I survive until then!  We are really going to miss Caleb at home! Will he remember to bring everything home?
The poor guy seems confused!!!!
    Tomorrow evening is our home school group meeting, where I'll gather new home school information for this new year. We also have a Tapestry of Grace co-op meeting to attend this week.
    Friday evening is "Open House" at First Baptist Academy, where we'll  meet and speak with all of Caleb's FBA teachers, and ask questions. There is SO much to learn about Middle School!!! 

   I am feeling quite overwhelmed with the road that lies ahead of me. Richard tells me that I'm doing a good I'll take his word and run with it (even though I'd rather sleep in).  :)

  Happy "back to school" days to you!!! May God cover you with His grace!!!    :)   :)

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