Sunday, August 19, 2012

~A new week of school~

We made it through the first day(s) of school for Caleb!!
After attending open house and meeting his 7th grade teachers, I have felt SO much better about this schooling experience!!  :)  In fact, I began asking myself why I couldn't just get a job and send all three of our children to First Baptist Academy!!
Sounded like a great plan to me....until I began looking for jobs and realized that I'd need one that would let me "off the hook" every summer so we wouldn't have to pay for child care. Hmm, I guess that would mean I'd need to work in a school. Unfortunately, the public schools in our area are not in good economic/financial shape and aren't hiring help that often.  :(  :(
Day cares and preschools are always looking for help, but I wouldn't have summers off.   :( :(

So.... I kicked myself  back into reality. God has a plan, I'll just need to be patient and wait for everything to come the future.. in His time....   :)

For now, I'm gearing up for Antonin & Ashlyn's first day of home school in the morning; my 8th year to home school~!
Our weekly schedule is set,  material all fresh and new. I'm looking forward to reviewing what we studied last year, and then "seeing" what the world looked like during John Adam's presidency. I know the kids are also going to enjoy learning about the Industrial Revolution next week...  I'm excited for them!!

My curriculum choices for this year:

Tapestry of Grace-- We love our local Co-op, and would not use Tapestry without it.
Bob Jones English & some reading-- in case we eventually send them to school too; I'd like them to be familiar with the curriculum~
A Reason for Handwriting- My kids LOVE this program!!
Spelling Workout-- Again, my kids LOVE these work books!!   :)
Apologia Science-- working through Human anatomy this year
Song School Latin, for Ashlyn-- I hope we can make time for this.  LOL! Continuing from last year.
Latin for Children, for Antonin-- This particular program can be done on his own, without my help (DVD).   :)

[ by the way, you can find all of the above materials at cheaper prices through either Amazon or Rainbow Resources]

Antonin & Ashlyn are both in Upward soccer thru October, and will also participate in swim lessons at the YMCA. We're thinking of possibly adding 4H to our schedule. I'm still thinking....we may do 4H instead of participating in Friday classes thru our home school group~

Caleb (at First Baptist Academy), will participate in choir and cross country. I am really happy for him even though he doesn't know to be happy himself yet.   :)  :)   He's still getting used to the routine at school, wishing he didn't have to sing in choir. He has a great voice, and I know he will do well!!   :)
As for running cross country, he is doing GREAT!!  7th graders are only required to run one mile, and he's already running nearly 3 miles!   :)   His first cross country meet is this Saturday~
Yes, I know we're in for a crazy, chauffeuring year....but I'm excited to see what God will do in our lives (behind the scenes)!!

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