Tuesday, August 28, 2012

~Another week~

Here we are... our second week of school, and just now adding a couple of "back to school" photos!  :)
 Caleb 7th grade
 Ashlyn 2nd grade; Antonin 5th grade
In my last blog post, I failed to mention what math curriculum we're using in our home school.  I have experienced much frustration over the years with choosing math curriculum for my children, and honestly feel quite disillusioned with the whole subject.  lol!!   I think this may be the first year I will use a  different math for one child than the other.
I'll continue with Christan Light math for Ashlyn, and change to either Bob Jones or ACSI math for Antonin.
Adjustments are being made in our daily life with balancing private school for one child, home school for the younger two.... but all is well (I think...so far...at this particular moment~).
Caleb (at private school) is learning to work  independently, though towing a load of homework home most nights. I have not yet figured out whether there's enough time at school for him to work on his homework. We're working toward the goal of his utilizing time...
Caleb's applying himself and putting his heart into school, and we're very pleased!!  :)   I can tell that he enjoys returning to school each day (except for test days-ha); his teachers and coaches are very caring & great!! I have nothing but good to say about First Baptist Academy.
By the way...Caleb is participating in cross country, and came in at 39th place during his very first cross country meet! :)  :)  

Oh--remember my new Watkins business (started in March)?? Now that school has begun, and we are slowly falling into a (crazy) routine, the best time for me to work my business is in the afternoons. 7th grade homework (& test study) has overtaken our evenings, so I'll need to contact customers/potential party hosts in the afternoons. Evenings are best in reaching people....but hopefully they will return missed calls! I'm also more limited when to have Watkins parties. My available days will now be Thursday evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays.
 In case you've never heard of Watkins before:
[if you see something you'd like, order using my Associate ID 395726]
I could say so much more.... but I think I should go to bed.
Richard's gone on a short business trip this week, so the days seem so much looonger....   :)

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