Sunday, September 2, 2012

~Honest thoughts~

 I am thankful we've made it this far,  though am honestly at my peak with frustration.
How many times do we need to stand over our son and make him finish his homework so that he will finish before bedtime? How often must we remind him to write everything down during class, so that he will always know what's expected with the assignments and when they're due? How often must I assist him with homework or studying for tests, because he doesn't seem to comprehend the material? How can a mom pour so much time, effort, and energy into a child, only to watch him struggle and fall flat on his face (not literally)??  My nerves felt increasingly frayed and on edge all this week... I'm sure if anyone had tried to touch or speak to me, I would have jumped and yelled, "WHAT?!?!"  [as in, "I don't really want to talk to you right now!"]  LOL!     :)

It appears as if our home school environment did not prepare my son for the "real world" (a Christian school real world). He is adjusting well in his new school environment, but he needs to become more independent with his school work and studying.

I began to question myself, "Why am I home schooling the younger two children if it isn't preparing them for the "real world"?   Good question! Much more time and effort wasted!
Many home schoolers, including ones I know, are well prepared for the "real world". Please don't misunderstand me.
Home schooling isn't for every family though, nor is it for every student.

In order to send all 3 children to private school, I would need a job. Until God works those details out, however, I need to be content.
I pray that whatever God's trying to teach me, and however He's trying to stretch me.....that He will complete it without killing me.    :)      I'm aware that we all experience various life challenges...aren't you glad God is so much bigger than we are (and answers us with His peace even during frustrating moments)??    :) 

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