Monday, August 6, 2012

~End of Summer~ :(

The carefree days of summer is coming to an end...and a new school year beckons.
I'm bracing for a year of craziness...without knowing what "crazies" may be involved.

When I planned for my first semester at a college campus away from home, I did not know what to expect. Mom helped with my planning, went shopping with me, and gave me tips on preparing for real life in the college world. I mapped out the campus, chose my classes, and talked to my future roommate (this was before the days of Facebook, so our contact was over the phone- a long distant phone call).
No matter how much preparation we put into my first semester, I still had no clue!!! "Adjusting" meant being in the midst of overwhelming, scary changes....and  I often called my mom on the phone with sob stories. lol!!    It took awhile, but I eventually got used to my "new normal".

Well.... I'm feeling like a freshman again. :]

Caleb will be entering 7th grade at a nearby Christian school, and I will continue to home school Antonin & Ashlyn (5th and 2nd grade). I'm aware that balancing two schooling worlds will be difficult, but keep thinking of when I was a freshman.... an odd encouragement.  :)
If I survived college, driving tests, and [years later-after marriage] child birth, surely I can still do all things through Christ Who gives me strength!   :)   :)
One can never be "prepared enough" for changes in life. Somehow, God gives His strength & grace when we're in the midst!!
Today was a true "test" on how life is going to be with our new schedule (minus an actual school day- haha).  Endless day, exhaustion, dishes left in the sink for morning (the boys missed a few while washing dishes).
I know that my "life-line" will be making/keeping good lists ...spurred forward by the strength and endurance of Someone mightier than myself.   :)   :)

Ahh....can't wait to sleep on my pillow tonight.  Goodnight!   :)

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