Monday, July 30, 2012

~Summer, Part 2~ lengthy thoughts of mine~

I've come to the conclusion that life is all about relationships. Our relationship with Christ is the most important, followed by others (family and/or other friends). Obviously, our relationship with Christ should positively effect all other relationships.  : )

With being a home school mom, I often focus so intensely on our school year that I place  other moms relationships on a shelf ....until summertime.
Once summer arrives, however, I realize I've lost contact with many of the moms I've desired getting to know better.

The same goes with my children!
I focus on being the Super Homeschool Mom of the Year, and fail to keep my kids' love tanks filled.
What's more important? Rushing the children out the door to their next activity, or sitting down on the floor to play a game with them? My children have never told me they wished they were involved in more activities. They often tell me they want to spend more time with me.
More time? Really?
As if I'm not already around them all day long?    :)  :)  lol!
Leisure time spent with my children seems to matter most....the un-rushed card game, playing house or tea party, or playing outdoors with chalk. So... I'm trying to catch up before our school year begins!! haha!  :)

Homeschooling and chauffeuring children through the school year can cause a mom to become quite lonely on the inside (we're wired to be relational!), I keep reminding myself that I shouldn't put relationships on the shelf during the school year.
~I often tell my husband that I would have flourished beautifully in a culture where all the women of the community worked/cooked/cleaned together. Instead, our culture encourages women to be independent, strong, not in need of anyone....every girl to her own business (without question).
Therefore, we all keep to ourselves and grow more and more lonely! Or at least I do~   :)

Our ladies' group at church recently went through a study called "TrueWoman101: Devine Design" , and I learned and re-learned some awesome truths about God's perfect design in creating male and female, along with our God-given roles.  After going through this enlightening study,  I feel that our society is to blame for much of the loneliness mothers face. Moms are expected to be strong, smarter than their husbands, able to figure everything out for themselves, and not need any help. Not need any help?!?!
~I don't care what society says, we all need each other to grow and mature (ultimately, God's way)~
By the way, I naturally crave for in-depth relationships, give out doses of genuine friendship, and then feel dissatisfied when individuals don't reciprocate. I'm not yet sure whether my methods of being a friend needs some improvement, or if I'm simply off my rocker!!!!    :)   :)  I think it might be both!!

... I'm attempting to finish this summer well. I'm fitting in many play dates and get-togethers before our school schedule goes into full swing. 

~I pray that I'll be more intentional this year with my relationships~ yes, even during the midst of our crazy school schedule!! I'll need to slow down and remember that relationships are all that matter.

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