Friday, July 20, 2012

~Summer~ part 1

Time for me to stop the reminiscing ....and tell what's happening this summer!

After quite a long process (years), Richard & I came to the decision that we do not desire to home school through High School (we were both home school graduates, so we know what's involved).
Once we made the decision to put Caleb in school, the next question was "when?"
We didn't want to make him adjust to a new environment his first year of high school (not a good idea).   So.... Caleb will be attending First Baptist Academy this fall, for 7th grade.

Attending a church where there's lots of homeschoolers, I wonder if I would have even home schooled this long living elsewhere. It is funny how we naturally tend to do what others around us are doing.  Mommy peer pressure???  It's hard work keeping your focus on what God's Will is for your family....and not on what others are doing~

We would like to eventually send all three of our kids to First Baptist Academy, but I would need a part-time job to help pay for it! Still waiting for God's timing on that.....    :)
I'll  home school our 5th and 2nd grader this fall, and continue to take one year at a time...

I  was wanting to add more stress to my life, so I started selling Watkins products mid-March! ha!   :)
Here's a link to my website:
Honestly, I enjoy bringing food and quality products to Watkins parties....though I admit that I'm "feeling" & learning my way as I go. I'm hopeful that one of these days I'll get the hang of being a sales person. If not, I'm fine with simply enjoying the Associate discount and sharing Watkins products with others. :)  [I am not a natural sales-person!!]. 
I'm finding that unless people know you, they don't want to have parties in their house... or won't come to parties. I'm now running out of people who know me ...... lol!!    :)

A new idea I've had, is that I could set up at fairs or flea markets with the help of my family. Our boys are now almost 13 & 11....perfect ages for assisting me with such a project.  :)

I'll share more about our summer soon....  it's slipping very quickly away!~

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