Tuesday, July 10, 2012

~The never-ending road (or so it seemed)~ :)

    Richard still had two years of school left after our move to Illinois.

    I was relieved Richard no longer worked nights; it felt wonderful having him home in the evenings and on weekends!!! When we lived in Missouri, he worked nights & most weekends. I often went to family or church functions with the kids, whether or not Richard was available. Sometimes, he would decide he needed to work on his school work instead of participating in various activities or outings. I was understanding, but not without an inward struggle.  I didn't always voice my disappointment though, since I knew this was simply a season in life!! 

   Five years had already passed since Richard first returned to college, and we were both growing weary in the journey. Richard  took one class at a time because of his working a full-time job (Postal worker) and caring for a family. He was also very careful with his money and avoided debt.  I could have found a job, but the cost of child care would have canceled out my income. I knew I needed to be content within the season of Richard's "never-ending" school and work.

  So... back to our new home in Illinois.... 
Richard began working on his school work while commuting to and from work every day on the Metro Link (train). We were pleased with how well this worked for him, and how it didn't take as much time away from our family moments (or at least didn't seem like it- ha).   :)  :) :)
   A little over two years later, Richard informed me that he had just a couple of months left of school. Woo-hoo!!! We were both so happy!!!   :)  :)   :)

  We celebrated Richard's Bachelor's degree (Accounting) with a graduation ceremony in our yard & garage. Well.... not just for Richard, but for our second son, Antonin, who was graduating from PreK in our home school.
   It had taken a lot of persuasion for Richard to have a celebration at all.  LOL!!
Richard doesn't ever seek after or "need" attention.... he finally gave in though, partly because we were also celebrating Antonin.  :)  Our family celebration was so much fun! All of Richard's immediate family came, along with my parents from Indiana, and a couple of good friends. Once the graduation was finished, everyone hung around awhile, spontaneously playing music and singing together... it really was a special day full of sweet memories.  :)

When Richard began his schooling journey, we had one 15 month old child, and lived in Rogersville, Missouri. A little over seven years later, we lived in a different state and had three children, ages 7, 5 & 2~ :) 


Everyone has different stories s/he could share about God provision and guidance.  :)  I think it's a wonderful idea sharing these stories with our children- not only to pass along the great things God has done, but to acknowledge that even when we can not hear Him, He is busy doing 2,000 things at once. Our Sovereign God has a plan... and has always had a plan~ Nothing ever surprises Him or causes Him to scramble for Plan B.   :)  ["Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the Lord's purpose that prevails," Proverbs 19:21]

I hope you have enjoyed these blog stories from our lives~!

~Our journey of life continues.... and I'll update you soon!    :)

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