Tuesday, May 1, 2012

~Our Move~

Richard & I went house hunting in the St Louis area when Ashlyn was just 3 weeks old- yes, we took her with us. :)  I remember wondering how she'd do in a hotel room since she was colicky.
     We soon decided that one could get more house for money on the Illinois side of the St Louis Metro area, and spent three or four days searching for a house. While walking through houses or meeting with realtors and bankers, Ashlyn occasionally decided to be grumpy!   :)  Sometimes I'd take her out to the vehicle and wait for Richard to finish our business dealings.
Our last day of house hunting came, and we still were not totally satisfied with our choices. We were also growing weary of the house hunt, dragging an infant around in the cold and rain (it was January).
Our realtor informed us of a new listing on the market, and asked if we'd like to see it. Sure- why not?!
We walked through the house twice, coming back later to walk through it again. There were many things we liked about the house, one being there was a big yard for the children to play. Richard & I made our final decision over dinner at St Louis Bread Company, concluding that if the owners were willing to move out in two weeks (the official date of our move), it would be the confirmation we needed from God to even proceed with the move at all [remember my previous post in our desiring God to show us for SURE we were supposed to move].
   We nervously waited to hear back from the sellers, well aware we would be heading back to Springfield, Missouri in the morning. Our time of house searching was coming to an end.
  Imagine our relief when the realtor informed us that the sellers had already moved into a different house, and would  gladly move their belongings out before the two week deadline.
 All the minute details of both selling our home in Republic, Missouri and purchasing a home in Illinois fell perfectly into place. Richard & I sensed an unusual peace that our move was meant to be and that God had everything under control.   :)
  We were all very sad and sentimental about the upcoming move, since we'd be moving away from family. Even with God's confirmations to both me and Richard, I still wondered how on earth I was going to handle three young children (one with colick) without the support of family, and WHY God thought I could handle this move?! I wasn't nearly as strong as He thought I was!!!
  This move to SW Illinois would place us right in-between our families, with my family living in Northern Indiana, so some good was coming of the move. We would no longer have to drive 10 hours to see my side of the family. :)
 The photo above was taken at our farewell party at Matt & Stephanie's house [Richard's brother] the night before leaving as a family for Illinois. All our belongings had been packed into a large U-haul and mini-van(s). After the party, we would spend the night with Matt & Stephanie, and then leave first thing in the morning, January 21st.
Caleb was 5, Antonin was 3, and Ashlyn was 6 weeks old.  :)
  The morning came early. We said our last goodbye's to Matt & Stephanie's family, and headed over to our  Republic, Missouri home for the last time. Once there, we discovered that the U-haul truck would not start!  Our friendly, mechanical neighbor jump-started the truck, joking, "Everyone will kill me when I tell them I helped you leave the neighborhood!"  
  Richard's dad drove the U-haul, Richard & I rode together in our mini-van (piled high with stuff), and Richard's mom drove their mini-van- full of more stuff.  :)
 As Richard pulled out of  neighborhood, I wrestled with mixed emotions. It was a very cold morning, so the windows steamed up, making it more difficult taking in our "one last glimpse" of everything.
 What an odd feeling traveling to a place we were totally unfamiliar with, not knowing what life would be like in our new home in Illinois. We marveled again at how well everything had fallen into place, and how we anticipated the future (actually, Richard was encouraging me- lol!!).   :)  :)
  What would life be like... and did God really know what He was doing?

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