Sunday, May 13, 2012

~Our new (cold) home~

   When we arrived at our new home in Illinois, the boys excitedly ran around the yard to explore, while I took Ashlyn inside the house. Richard and the boys unpacked the mini-van, and then we all waited for Richard's mom & dad to arrive with their van and our U-haul.
   Once they arrived, Richard, Paul (his dad), and Darren (his youngest brother) began unloading the U-haul truck, while Lynette (Richard's mom) helped unpack items in the house.  Being mid-January, it quickly grew dark before even half of the truck was unloaded, so plans were made to finish unloading the next morning.
   Richard had set up our bed and one of the boys' beds (?), but his parents and brother found a motel since our house was so chaotic and full of boxes (note the truck wasn't even completely unpacked. lol!).
  I noticed that I was not feeling the best, but kept pushing nagging symptoms out of my mind. Surely I was simply tired from our move and caring for a newborn. Perhaps I was imagining things. I went to bed early, hoping sleep would help me feel better. For awhile, I listened to the wind grow stronger outside, making the windows vibrate. Several times in the night I awoke, thinking, "where am I?"   :)
   Strong, cold winds blew all through the night and into the next day. Paul, Lynette, and Darren returned to our house to help unpack the U-haul, with snowflakes dancing on their heads :)  :) . There wasn't much snow accumulation, if I remember correctly. The hardest part was the cold, cold wind.
  The men worked diligently to unload the U-haul, and I took several breaks from unpacking boxes with Lynette.  I was continuing to not feel so good, and feared a breast infection.
 Richard soon came inside the house winded, and with a red bump on his forehead. He had slipped off the U-haul truck's ramp, hitting his head on the truck! We were all relieved when, after several moments of rest, he was able to get up and unload the truck again!
  I felt terrible leaving my mother-in-law with the unpacking of boxes, but finally told her I was not well and needed to stay in bed. She ended up unpacking my entire kitchen! What a blessing to a very discouraged young mom!~   :)
     By the time Paul, Lynette & Darren left for their home in Missouri, I was half-way back to normal after having visited a doctor. We couldn't have made the move to Illinois without Paul, Lynette & Darren's help, and were SO very grateful!

  We had been within a fast moving whirlwind during Ashlyn's birth, Richard's new job acceptance, and our move out-of-state.  Richard's family had now left, and we felt as if our whirlwind had come to a pit stop, spitting us onto an isolated, freezing tundra. 
   In the quiet of our home, Richard & I looked at each other and asked, "What Now?!"
   God was silent.... and all we heard was the howling wind outside~    :)  :)
Richard soon left for his daytime job (yay!), while I wondered how I would handle going anywhere with three children ages 5 and under, without help.... let alone knowing directions anywhere--?
  For the time being, I would stay inside and just "be".   :)

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