Thursday, April 19, 2012

~Joy within the unknown~

    Approximately six weeks after our trip to St Louis, Richard received a call for an interview. The "slight chance" of being selected for an interview, meant we were another step closer to moving four hours away from where we had originally planned to settle. I didn't know what to think.  I wanted to be happy for Richard, since he had waited so long for a change in his career; a change in his night shift!
I also discovered that the start date (if Richard got the job) would be right around the time of our baby's birth. How was I to manage a newborn, three year old, and five year old without the support of nearby family?  I struggled with question after question. Since Richard's interview went well, I was just a teensy-bit uneasy.   :)  :)
     I finally came to the end of myself. I asked God if the St Louis postal job was His plan for Richard's life ... would He please show us beyond a doubt that His hand was in it?
We had special prayer together as a couple, asking God to show us both the answer~ in a clear, undeniable way.

   My pregnancy went well until the week before my due date. I began having issues with  blood pressure, and was kept over night in the hospital to be monitored. I was sent home on complete bed rest. Bed rest?! ha! I wasn't sure I could do such a thing.
    Both family, and friends from church helped out so much! The boys played with their cousins, and were well taken care of by family. When family or friends from church would bring dinner, sometimes they would linger to visit with me. 
     December 9th, I planned to voice to Richard that I wasn't feeling very well ... when the phone rang and he answered it, disappearing down the hallway for a few minutes. He stuck his head back into the living room to mouth, "I GOT THE JOB!!" ~  my blood pressure immediately climbed higher and I felt worse. 
I was very pregnant, swollen, and flushed. I could not move from my position in the recliner (need I say more?)... and my husband was joyfully celebrating a new job. A job that would require an out of state move in six weeks.  
     Richard understood my fears and frustrations and told me that he would take care of everything. lol! :)
Little did we know we'd have a baby the very next day.
     Bright and early December 10th, we took the boys to their grandparents house, anticipating a regular Dr check-up. My Doctor told me I was not going back home. My blood pressure was through the roof, and I had significant protein. While I was thrilled that my bed rest would be over and we'd finally meet our baby ... I also doubted we could move in 6 weeks after having a c-section!!!
     It was a girl!!!  What a special time it was, welcoming our new baby girl into the family!
What sweet memories! The boys loved their little sister, eagerly taking turns holding her.
Ashlyn Jeanae [named after both grandmothers] was not a pleasant-natured baby, however, and would scream at the top of her lungs until she was back in her mother's arms.   :)  :)  Ashlyn wouldn't allow anyone (but mom) to hold her without crying or screaming, and at first I thought it was kind of cute. :) After awhile, I began to fear that something was wrong with my newborn daughter. Her screaming changed from others holding her, to other unpredictable times.
At Ashlyn's 3 week check-up, the Doctor calmly stated, "No, I don't think anything's wrong with her; I think it's her disposition."
   Years later, I look back in time and laugh-out-loud!! At the time, however, I felt as if I had been given a prison term.  How were we to move out-of-state in only a few more weeks, plus deal with a colicky newborn?!  Since Richard still worked nights, I was the only one dealing with Ashlyn's night-time screaming. No fair!!  :)  haha!
     In the midst of our little family's adjustments, we put our Republic, Missouri house up for sale, and were surprised when it sold in ten days!!! My mom and dad from Indiana had come to help us pack and get the house ready to sell. I SO appreciated their help!!

     ~I was caught within a spinning, tossing whirlwind  .... yet enveloped within a peace that calmed all fears~

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