Wednesday, March 21, 2012

~Wrestling, Waiting~

   ~Life continued on~
 Our " new normal" meant Richard attended a local college part-time during the day, and worked at the post office at night. I grew used to our schedule, and kept very busy at home with our sweet little boys!
We traded off babysitting with Richard's siblings once a month, and discovered that dates were wonderful!! Every married couple with children needs dates!!!!   :)
   ~After one year of college, Richard began CLEP-ing out of general college courses, then eventually heard about an online school (Excelsior college). Even with attending college the cyber non-traditional way, we could see that his schooling was going to be a very long road. Many times Richard grew discouraged that the light at the end of the tunnel was so far away, so far out of his reach.
 ~When Antonin was 4 months old, Richard & I left the church group he had grown up in. After visiting several churches in the area, we found that church hunting was not an easy task. Antonin was a clingy baby and would cry and scream every time I left him in the church's nurseries. I was constantly paged to the nursery, and grew tired of accompanying Richard -since I couldn't enjoy the services anyway! I often stayed at home with Antonin, while Richard & Caleb checked out churches. Once we settled on one place to attend, I joined in with Antonin, hoping he'd eventually grow used to being in the nursery.
Through our entire year of church searching, we discovered that not one church is perfect, and that one chooses the most Biblical place where their souls will be fed and ministered to. As a relational female, I didn't enjoy church hunting at all.. I'd try and get to know people, only for my husband to decide we were moving on ... and I didn't like that!  lol! I often thought to myself that searching for churches causes a person to long more for Heaven- the only perfect place!!  :)
~ During the time of church searching, I attended a MOPS group ("Moms of Preschoolers"). I was immensely blessed to be able to set aside church searches and spend time with other ladies. I could talk with them about my children's latest development or latest parenting issues, without church topics ever arising. I felt SO refreshed!!!    :)   :)  :)
~After attending an Evangelical Free church for awhile, Richard made the decision that our family would continue to attend regularly. With this decision came relief that I could begin volunteering my time or signing up for various events. Richard & I hosted a 6-8 week Bible study in our home, and volunteered to help on the nursery rotation. How wonderful to be needed again and serve others!!   :) I felt like a FREE bird!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   :) : )  : )

~By the way, our family relationships remained intact; Richard's family eventually changed churches too.

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