Thursday, February 9, 2012

Travel, travel, travel ....

     Picking up from where I left off a few posts ago ..... after Richard & I enjoyed our beautiful February wedding (45 degrees, no rain), we left for the wedding reception in Richard's green Saturn, stuffed full with my belongings!!  Remember- not only was I getting married, I was also moving my things to my new husband's house in Rogersville, Missouri!!  My blue Geo Prizm was also full to the brim with my stuff, and I wondered how the Prizm would make its way to Missouri .... seeing how we didn't want to travel separate!!!!  [Richard says he had it all under control, I just didn't know it ... :)]

     While at our reception, one of Richard's Uncle's from Kansas offered to drive our Prizm to Missouri for us. He and his wife had traveled by airplane to Indiana, but one of them had gotten very sick and preferred driving. Their plan was to drive the Prizm to Richard's house in Rogersville and then get a ride to the Springfield airport, where their car was parked. I was very grateful- though I felt sorry about their flight experience.   :(
     Talking with people at our reception, I must have subconsciously realized I wasn't going to see many of the people (including family) for quite awhile .... so  I lingered and lingered. lol! :)
     Richard & I finally made our get-away, but not before Richard's brother, Matt, decorated the Saturn.  We had obviously lingered a little TOO long, giving Matt & his helpers plenty of time to completely stuff the car full with balloons. It was so funny!!!  :)  :)  :)   [the photographer had to leave before Matt was finished with the car, and before Richard & I took off ]

      Saying our last goodbyes to friends and family, Richard and I sped away, honking and throwing lots of balloons out the windows. In case you're wondering about "Sarai" written on the car window...  Matt jokingly called us, "Sarai  & Abram".   :) 
     We were headed for Rogersville, Missouri in order to drop my stuff off ... before traveling to Tulsa for a long flight to Hawaii!!!  Yes, my head is spinning reading this. I can't believe how much we traveled those first two days as husband and wife!!!   :)
     About mid-day the next day (Sunday, Feb. 22nd), we arrived in Rogersville to drop my stuff off at the house. Richard's Uncle & Aunt arrived with my Geo Prizm not too long afterwards!  This was back in the time when we didn't have cell phones, so it's a wonder we both arrived in Rogersville within the same hour!
    We took Richard's Uncle & Aunt to the Springfield, Missouri airport, then headed toward Tulsa. [Richard got a good price for tickets flying out of Tulsa; he paid for the entire honeymoon, by the way].
       Hawaii was a gorgeous place, and we had a wonderful time exploring two islands: The Big Island, and Kuaui. We enjoyed kayaking and snorkeling, walking rain forests trails, and viewing magnificent water falls!! We also took a submarine ride in the ocean and explored a volcano that was slowly erupting into the ocean.
       One of the Bed & Breakfast's we stayed at served fresh fruit every morning .... the best I have ever eaten in my life!!!! I felt quite spoiled. I mentioned several times to Richard that I felt as if we were in the Garden of Eden ....   :)
    We hardly wanted to return home .... Richard would soon resume work at the Postal Service, while I would adjust to being a new bride in a new home, in a new state. We had spent a total of 10 glorious days in Hawaii, and now were headed into "real life".

[to be continued...]

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