Thursday, February 16, 2012

~Home sweet Home~ Part 1 :)

     Entering real life ... Richard resumed his night/evening shift at the Post Office in Springfield, Missouri, while I cleaned and rearranged our little house in Rogersville. Neither one of us cared for his work schedule, but he sorted mail and that's how life was!   :) He'd come home in the wee morning hours; I would awaken, then tip-toe out the bedroom and go on with my day.  :)   [He would continue working the evening/night shift through our 7th year of marriage].
     I thought our little house was cute, and had fun making it a homey place. Our house was on one acre on a dead-end road, and though I loved the view- was not used to country living. I'll never forget the time a huge black snake slithered across the backyard, or when a snake was in the garage (I stayed in the house and waited for Richard to wake up).
     If snakes weren't bad enough, there were SPIDERS! HUGE, enormous spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'm a fairly composed individual unless there's a spider in the room that needs killed (with a carefully aimed pounce and victory scream).
     If a spider's on ME- forget it!!!!!
     One particular day- I believe it was a Saturday- I jumped into the car to go shopping, cheerfully waving goodbye to Richard working in the yard. I happened to look down to see that a large black spider was sitting on my lap!!!! I immediately began screaming, attempting to jump out of the car with my seat belt still on (I was trying not to touch the spider!).  I'm sure I was the funniest sight you've ever seen. Richard came running to me with a puzzled look on his face. I finally unbuckled my seat belt, and jumped out of the car. "There's a spider in the car--somewhere!!!  I'm not getting back in until it's dead!!!"
     After hunting in the car awhile, Richard sighed, "Sara, that spider crawled away and died. You gave the poor thing a heart attack!"    :)   :)
     I still wonder what the neighbors thought ....  :)   :)  : )

     I gradually grew used to crawly creatures in the country (or did I?), and our little house began to feel more like "home".    :)
     Richard's family was very hospitable and made me feel welcome in my new home state of Missouri. I recall many fun shopping trips with my new sisters and mother in law. [the rest of Richard's immediate family had moved to Springfield, Missouri, soon after we were married]
     I was content with my little life, though I was growing overwhelmed with meeting all the new people!! Everywhere I turned, I was meeting more of Richard's extended family members or friends of the family. I felt like a stranger in a new world, and soon all the names and faces blurred together in my mind ....
      One particular church work day, hours before a revival meeting, I was dusting and working along-side others I had just met a couple of months before. I was having a nice time talking with people .... and then for some reason, I melted.  Richard had not joined us at the church since he planned to sleep and then head straight to work that afternoon/evening, so perhaps I was simply missing his presence. Whatever the reason, I was near tears as I took a seat near the back of the church. I was introduced to more unfamiliar faces who had arrived from out of town- many of them extended family. As the service began, I tried not to let it bother me that I couldn't remember peoples' names and didn't know all the songs they were singing. I attempted to keep my emotions in check, but half-way through the service, decided to quietly leave. I wanted to run home and cry!! And I did!
     Later, my thoughtful mother in law called to ask if I was alright. I was grateful that she was understanding, especially since my father in law was pastor!   :)
     Richard eventually introduced me to more and more people, and I began to better connect names with faces- without melting. I gradually felt less like a total stranger, and more like a Missourian~

     Life continued on ... in our little house in Rogersville .....

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