Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~Home Sweet Home, Part 2~

     Life was sweet and good ... in our little home in Rogersville.   :)  :)  :)

    Once our house was arranged and cleaned to my satisfaction, I began to feel lonely.
What was I to do while Richard was sleeping or working? I was still getting to know people in Missouri and didn't want to visit my sisters in laws every day!  :)
As mentioned earlier, Richard worked evenings/nights at the Post Office, so I did not want a "typical" full-time day job. We wouldn't see each other often! I needed a part-time job that did not require me to work 5 weekdays.
     After some searching, I discovered a nanny/babysitting agency that was hiring babysitters.
 I babysat for various families when the need arose (mostly weekends). Now and then the director of the agency would call me in a panic!
One of those last minute desperate calls was for someone to watch six children. I was scared to death, but said yes.  It was the hardest babysitting job ever, because the (oldest) ten year old daughter had a "know-it-all" attitude and did not follow instructions well. I was more comfortable working with toddlers and preschool aged children!  When the parents returned home six or seven hours later, I was extremely exhausted!!!
    Eventually, two separate families asked me to be their "regular" sitter; one day per week for each family. I was able to turn down last-minute panicked agency phone calls, and stick with my pleasant routine caring for  toddler girls- two days a week!!!   :)  I loved my jobs!! Both families were like extended family.
   A year and a half later, one family re-located and no longer needed me. Around the same time, I found out  that I was expecting my first baby!  Around 5 or 6 months pregnant I stopped babysitting altogether; it was time for me to prepare and care for my own children!
    Quick funny story:  
Richard was off work and stirring homemade goodies for Christmas, thick in the process of making fudge- when I excitedly ran into the kitchen with the news that I was expecting. We were both happy and anticipated sharing the news with others, but since the fudge was a total flop, have joked that Richard was a nervous wreck.  haha~   :)

    Our first baby- Caleb- was born August 11th, 1999, and we were nicely surprised  to see that he was a blondie!! Since Richard & I both had dark hair, people would often take a second look and comment on our blond little boy.  We were thrilled to have a blondie, and my heart often melted when I looked into his clear blue eyes ....  :)
     Time spent with Caleb was precious, and with each passing day I learned more about Motherhood and balancing life with baby. No, I did not have everything figured out after having been an early childhood educator, a nanny, and babysitter ... :)
    Now, Caleb & I would tip-toe out of the bedroom(s) each morning, waking Richard from his slumber late morning or early afternoon. Waking daddy remained the highlight of the day as Caleb grew older ~
Life was sweet and good .... in our little home in Rogersville!!!    :)  :) 

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