Monday, February 6, 2012

~My Curriculum choices will be continued...~

     My husband asked why I was talking about school curriculum instead of continuing our story after our wedding day. "You went from marrying to me, to home schooling three children!" he pointed out, encouraging me to add a few more stories....
Let's just say I became quite distracted by my everyday life of home school.  lol! :)
   In case you were anticipating my curriculum choices (or maybe just math), I'm listing them briefly, planning to expound on them after my stories are finished.
Sara's curriculum choices:

Elementary Math: Christian Light Publication (Mennonite based)
Middle school Math & up: Saxon Math- additional help readily available for parents struggling to teach higher-level math.
English: Shurley English if your child enjoys hands-on English with mom. If child is an independent learner, s/he will not like this program.
English for Independent Learner: Rod & Staff, if you can stand the diagramming.    :)
Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting- wonderful program, and it goes through 6th grade.
Spelling: Spelling Workout series- we all love it!!!!
Science: Apologia Science, The Young Explorer Series (Elementary)
Latin: Latin for Children is pricey, but well worth every penny! My boys are loving the lessons on DVD, and I'm glad I don't have to teach Latin.  Praise the Lord!!   lol!   :)  :)
History/Literature/Church History/ Writing: Tapestry of Grace! I don't think we would be successful with this curriculum without being part of a local Tapestry co-op. We're kept accountable to complete each week of reading and study- for discussion and participation during Friday's co-op. The pace has kept us all on our toes, which is a very good thing. It's what we need!!  

~As mentioned above, I'll expound more on these curriculum choices once I've finished sharing more of our story.  I look forward to my next post about our Honeymoon and (my) move to Missouri!!!   :)

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