Wednesday, January 18, 2012

No ordinary Sunday ... ;)

     Life was pretty good as a live-in nanny during the week, visiting relatives and church friends most weekends. The church I attended in Central Indiana was a sister church to the one my parents attended in Northern Indiana. Actually, when I moved to Indianapolis for the nanny job late summer, the church building was being remodeled- formerly was an old home. Until the building was ready for services, the pastor's family invited me several times to accompany them to a sister church in Ohio. I'd stay the night at their house Saturday evening, and we'd leave bright and early Sunday morning to arrive in time for the morning service! We would visit with the Ohio church people all day, returning to Indiana Sunday night. Seeing how I was the only youth in the church getting started, I looked forward to the Ohio trips.  lol!     :)   [yes, the sister church in Ohio was closer to us than the one my parents attended].
     Our last trip to and from Ohio (around October), the pastor asked me if I knew how to play the piano. Yes, I had taken lessons ... (but was not a good player). Since there was no one else in the new Indiana church who knew how to play the piano .... I ended up being the church's piano player. I was quite embarrassed and uneasy about this, and made sure I practiced, practiced, practiced on my keyboard at "home" (the nanny home) whenever I could~!
My mom was an organ player in her own church and gave me her extra Hymnal, which already had chords penciled in-- my lifesaver!!!  *Whew*!
It was customary for our church not to have music selections planned ahead of service, so being piano player was the scariest thing I've ever been in my life. Many Sundays (and Wednesdays evenings), a Hymn  would be suggested--- and I wouldn't know how to play it- I'd break out in a sweat!! I eventually learned how to "fake play". Songs I hadn't practiced or didn't know well, I'd just chord along in a different key (one I was familiar with), and people would think that I was playing the piano. They didn't seem to notice what key I was playing it in, either.   :)
     One Sunday evening in April, after having played a melody of Hymns before service started, I looked out into the audience from my little piano bench, and noticed a handsome, unfamiliar face sitting in a pew all by himself. I wondered who the young man was, and was SO grateful that I knew how to play the Hymns that were selected! I asked myself where I had seen the young man before, finally coming to the conclusion that he must be a relative of the family who had visited our church's revival services several weeks prior (I could see a family resemblance).
After service, I stood around chit-chatting with people as always ... when the unfamiliar young man walked up to me, and stuck out his hand for a handshake. "Hello, I'm Richard Sorrell- what's your name?"
We talked for a little while- about how Richard was from Missouri, visiting his family in Indiana, and how I was a nanny in Indianapolis, having recently returned from a trip to San Francisco, CA with my employer. We would have talked longer than 10-15 minutes, but since the congregation was small, I soon realized that everyone was staring at us (so it seemed, anyway).
After saying "goodbye",  and "it was nice meeting you", I made my exit.
While driving to my "nanny home", I moaned and groaned at myself. "I met the nicest guy tonight, and I'll never see him again since he's from Missouri. Why didn't I talk to him longer?"    :)   All the way home, I told God that Richard would be the type of guy I would  like to get to know if He could please send someone like him into my life .... I liked Richard's confidence and the way he could carry on a conversation (I was tired of guys who couldn't talk more than chit-chat, and he appeared my talking type... and yes, he was also cute). I naturally tend to err on the side of caution and a bit of negativity, so I proceeded to tell myself there was no possible way I'd ever see Richard again and that I might as well not give him another thought.
     A little over a week later, I returned home from my church weekend, to find that my employer had placed a yellow envelope- addressed to me- in plain sight where I'd see it (she wasn't home at the time). Taking a quick look at the return address and seeing Richard's name, my jaw dropped. "How on earth did he get my address?" I shrieked, ran through the house jumping up and down before even opening the envelope to read the card.  :)
In the card, Richard stated that it had been nice to meet me ... and after a bit of chit-chat, said to feel free to write back.  Of course I wrote back! I made myself wait a week and a half before mailing the letter though.  :)   haha ....
     Correspondence soon turned into phone calls, which eventually turned into his visiting Indiana again. He visited Indiana two or three times while we were dating, and flew me down to Missouri twice to visit him and his brother's family. I enjoyed staying at my future brother-in-law's house, getting to know my future sister-in-law and toddler niece!   :)  At this time, Richard's parents still lived in Indiana, so I saw them a lot when Richard visited Indiana, too ... I admired how much fun they had when they were together, and could see myself marrying into the family.

[to be continued ....yes, I'll share how Richard got my address, too ...]

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