Saturday, January 14, 2012

~Daughter of a librarian~

How interesting, that I would have a meat cutter dad, and a librarian mother.   :)
How could two individuals from total opposite ends of the spectrum get together?!
Dad met mom's Uncle Ralph, a pastor in the Central Indiana area at the time, then was introduced to my mom at church. The joke is that dad liked Uncle Ralph's preaching so much, that he decided to marry his niece.  :)  
Dad had been married once before, so after becoming engaged, mom and dad discovered they could not get married in Indiana because of some legal issues. They had already dated awhile and didn't want to wait two more years to be legal! Mom received a teaching/librarian job offer in California (over the phone), accepted the offer, then made plans to marry her fiance' on the way to California- a little chapel in Las Vegas!!! Wow-my parents were pretty young and adventurous!!   :)  After about two years, they moved back to Central Indiana, where mom finished her Master's degree in Library Science and where their first child was born.
By the time their baby of the family was born (me), they lived in Plymouth, Indiana, then eventually moved to South Bend to live next door to my maternal grandparents
What exactly did I learn from my librarian mother? English rules, spelling, and a great appreciation for books at the library.   No, that's not to say that I was a natural speller. I was a notoriously terrible speller!!  My childhood arch enemy was Mathematics, and I cringe to think about my journey through it. Mom worked very hard  with me on math and spelling skills. I'd struggle for awhile- and once it was through my head, "had it" for life. Well, the spelling skills anyway.  :)   [Once mom was through with home schooling, she returned to the work force- loves her job as a school librarian.  :)  ].

I always admired how smart my mom was! Not only was she expert in literature, grammar, writing and spelling ... she comprehended math, history and science!! Well ... maybe not all areas of science, but if she didn't know something, she'd research and educate herself (the librarian in her).    :)
When the time came for my high school graduation from home school, she planned a nice graduation ceremony at church, just for me! Cap, gown, diploma, speeches- everything.  :)   I'll never have any high school reunions since I was the only graduate (no home school group), so it's nice having those graduation day memories.
When deciding what college to attend, it was my mom who visited campuses with me and helped through the paper work, financial aid, and scholarships. I was very excited to be accepted into Taylor University!!!  I knew mom was especially happy, seeing how she had attended Ball State University- in the same neck of the woods as Taylor.

After receiving my AA degree in Early Childhood Education, I earnestly asked God what I should do next with my life. Tuition was too expensive to continue schooling at Taylor without a solid goal, and I honestly had no idea what I wanted to do. Looking back, I was on the right track-why did I doubt?   I should have transferred to Ball State University and finished my major in Education with English emphasis. ha!  :)   :)  I laugh because I was like my mom and didn't know it (or hadn't wanted to accept it at the time~ silly me)!!!   [her major was English, later pursued Library Science]    :)

I made the decision to get a job instead of return to college. If my mom was disappointed, she never let on. She simply encouraged me to do what I felt was the best ...    :)
I was hired as a nanny by a lawyer in Indianapolis, but first I cleaned and organized her house and worked odd jobs in her Law firm, waiting for her first baby to arrive (I needed a job, she wanted me as her nanny). I  enjoyed many awesome  (first) experiences traveling with my employer, and taking care of her little boy.  :)  While rocking the little boy in my arms, I'd often look forward to the day I'd have my own little family, wondering what the future held. Living and learning in the real world challenged this sheltered Midwest little girl. I was forced to dig in deep to figure out what I firmly believed. God knew just what he was doing, both in challenging and blessing me.
As an added bonus, while a nanny ....  I met my future husband!!!!!!!

[to be continued....]

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