Sunday, January 22, 2012


     I discovered that Richard had called and asked the pastor for my address.  :)   Richard's family and the pastor's family were long time friends and knew each other pretty well, though did not attend the same church. I had met Richard's dad, mom, sister, and youngest brother during a church service in January --and had eaten dinner with them when most of the congregation went out to eat afterwards. At the restaurant, I talked with Christi (Richard's sister), about her upcoming wedding in March [yes, Richard is the oldest in his family and two of his siblings married before he did].
What's so funny & ironic, is that I recall Christi telling me about a single older brother in Missouri, laughing about how he didn't know what he wanted in life. I had thought to myself that I did NOT want a man like that. I guess I just needed to meet him.  :)
     Richard visited my church in April, after his mom and sister told him about me. So .... remember when he asked what my name was?  He already knew it!!!! Not only did he know my name, but he already knew quite a bit about me!!!!

     Though I was thrilled God had sent Richard into my life, I was a little confused. My original plan was to eventually move closer to the church I attended, marry, and live in the Central Indiana area the rest of my life. Richard lived in Missouri and showed no interest in moving back to Indiana; plus, he was involved in a different church group where his dad was a pastor!! This didn't quite line up with what I thought God would have for my life ....   :)    A friend in college once told me that one cannot put God in a box, because He works outside boxes all the time.  I proceeded to read various Psalm passages, realizing just how mighty and in-control God is, and how silly I was for attempting to contain His handy work. I also read Isaiah 55:8: "'My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my Ways your ways,' declares the Lord."
     The more I got to know Richard, I knew that he was "the one" for me ... and I resolved that no matter how difficult it might be making the church change and moving to another state, somehow it was part of God's plan. [our church groups were very similar in beliefs, but most people only married those within their own group. Closer to our wedding date, when others questioned my marrying Richard- I questioned myself again- returning to the same resolve. I knew in my heart this was a "God thing".]

     My employer was interested in my future dreams/desires and in Richard and my relationship, asking questions what I'd likely do in the future. I've always been a transparent individual, which is good in some ways, not so good in others (like ... in business). Not only did I proceed to share too much of my plans/dreams, I also talked about Jesus and discussed various topics with her. I couldn't help but wonder later if she had been offended.
     I was deeply disappointed and saddened when my employer told me she had found another nanny, and I was free to go. I was too immature and inexperienced to know how to deal with  or work out any misunderstanding, and didn't fight against her decision. My employer was doing what was right in the professional business world, protecting herself from possibly losing a nanny (she later told me that I was the best nanny she ever had).
     I chose to stay in the Central Indiana area since I didn't really want to leave the church I was attending (remember my dream/plan to move closer to church?). In the back of my mind, I was also thinking about Richard and how his parents lived in the area... I wouldn't want to move too far away ....  lol!!    :)
     We had only been dating for seven months, but Richard was asking all kinds of scenerio-type questions ... what would we teach our children (with coming from two different backgrounds) .... how would I handle a rebellious 16 year old ....could I see myself living in Missouri ...  ;)

     I knew a proposal was right around the corner....

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