Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to my husband~! :)

Wasn't Richard the cutest little guy you've ever seen???    :)  :)  He just celebrated his 39th birthday, and the rest of us had so much fun wishing him a happy day (with plenty of teasing)!!!!     :)   :)
I am so grateful that God hand-picked him to be my husband. Richard's my very best friend on the face of this earth, and I've learned so much about life in general being married to him! 
  What an amazing adventure we've had so far! 
The first seven years of our marriage we lived near Springfield, Missouri; this winter we will have lived in Illinois for seven years. Should God enjoy working in 7's ... what's to come next?  Or perhaps we just like to wonder and dream if something might happen since life has been pretty mediocre for awhile (within every-day life adventures).  :)
I'm looking forward to whatever God has ahead of us ....
.... including a business trip to Tennessee!!!  Richard hasn't been on an out-of-state trip for at least two years, and we are very excited to go with him! No, it won't be vacation since Richard will be working while I find things to do with the kids, then we'll rush back home (Illinois) because of the end of the fiscal year (Government employee). 
In spite of that, we're anticipating a little change of scenery!   :) 

Alright ... it's a full day tomorrow and the next day too!!! Goodnight, and I shall update you in Tennessee (at least I intend to)!!! 

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