Sunday, October 2, 2011


[ahem] ... I didn't promise I'd write while in Tennessee, I only said I intended to, right?  ;)

As you may know, Richard needed to go to Nashville, Tennessee for some training, and the rest of us tagged along with him! :) On the way, we stopped in Kentucky to see Mammoth Cave, then stopped by Camden, Tennessee to visit my oldest sister, Lynn. It was very nice seeing each other again!   :)  I grew up knowing I had another older sister, but did not have the privilege of meeting her until approx. nine years ago. I'm very thankful she is a part of our lives; the missing puzzle piece added to our family picture.   :)  Did you know that my dad is great-grandpa to a total of 7 children (I think. I don't remember numbers well)??? Yes, the guy on the right thought he'd join in on our little reunion ... I believe he said his name was Ronald. 
Yes, I am the baby of the family, by the way. Two older sisters, one older brother (No, NOT including Ronald).
Mammoth Cave and the visit with my sister, Lynn, were the only things planned before arriving in the Nashville area (Oh- and Richard's visit with a cousin in Nashville--they had a good time catching up too). I simply hadn't taken the time to plan before we left home! Once in our hotel, I began researching fun, inexpensive things to do while Richard was in training. We ended up visiting Franklin, Tennessee, to window shop and enjoy  beautiful scenery. Should you ever find yourself in the Nashville area, do make your way to Historic Franklin!!!   :)  
Tennessee's capitol building (and the surrounding grounds) is lovely -- but make sure you're ready to climb over 200 steps, up a very tall hill!   :)

I admit it's puzzling why the Parthenon would be located within the city of country music, but is indeed a grand place to visit!  We had just finished studying Ancient Greek and Roman History last year, the Ancients still fresh enough on the kids' minds to appreciate the Parthenon (the only full size replica in the world). One can look around on the outside of the Parthenon for free, but there is a cost to go inside to see the Greek goddess Athena and Nike, along with replica's of Greek ruins. The cost includes an art museum in the Parthenon's basement. I'm not an art expert, but they were definitely not Ancient works of art. I'm thinking late 1800's  to mid-1900's.
We also saw the Grand Ole Opry building(s) [both historic and modern], the Walk of Fame, and other "free" sights in downtown Nashville, including the Frist Art Museum where kids under 18 are free. Well, maybe not totally free since we had to pay for parking for a few of those sights.   :(   :(   lol!

We enjoyed our change of pace as a family, though I missed Richard being with us during our afternoon excursions (yes, we successfully finished school work during the morning hours). 
I am thankful the kids & I had this time together ... and could see & hug Richard when he arrived "home" (hotel)! :)
Now it's back to our usual routine tomorrow morning ....    :)
....and can I say that I love my brother in Indiana??!! He helped me fix a computer/Adobe issue via email! I am so excited to be able to PRINT things that I need off my teacher resource CD's!!!  Woo Hoo! Computer savvy older brothers are great! My teaching/schooling year has improved.  :)   :)   :)   :)

I'll share all about our curriculum in another post. I have a long week ahead- Goodnight~!     :)

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