Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Story of my life~

Have you ever wanted to throw yourself down on the ground kicking and screaming?? I've always wondered what my kids would do if I behaved in such a way? They'd probably look at each other and laugh. I don't think they'd take me seriously.
Yesterday was a magnificent, beautiful, glorious day. We tackled tasks around the house, made phone calls, ran errands, caught the mailman in time, saving a trip to the post office (another Ebay sale). To top it all off, the weather was simply perfect. Absolutely perfect summery day meant for running and twirling in a field of flowers -- or better yet, a mountain side of flowers.   :)
We soaked in a perfect, glorious walk around the block with the children (and dog, Gabe), minus the wild flowers or mountains.
Then, a beeping sound reached my ears, and I suddenly realized that my new cell phone (purchased 1 1/2 weeks ago) was making noises. Still not familiar with all its sounds, I pulled it from my pocket and noticed the screen said "Sync" something or other. Once I exited to a screen that looked familiar, I realized that every single one of my contacts in the address book had been deleted!!!  How on earth this happened while my phone was in my pocket, I'll never, ever know!!!
Instantly, my reserve melted away and I longed to throw myself down on the sidewalk!!!!   "AAAaahhhhhh," I so badly wanted to scream, "THIS IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE!!!"
When my husband later told me, "Sara, it's impossible for something like that to happen! How can a phone erase all contacts while in your pocket?!", I again wanted to wail, allowing torrents of tears to stream down my face, "THIS IS THE STORY OF MY LIFE!!!"
lol!! Yes, I resisted the urge to do so ... because the kids were watching.   :)
I've added most of my contacts back into the phone-- and everything's going to be ok~!

This may not be a good time to tell about my getting lost while looking for the (specialists) Dr's office today. Everything turned out all right with that, too. And yes, I refrained from wailing when realization hit that I was lost- since the kids were with me. *sigh*  story of my life, and I've learned even TomTom can lead you wrong.
[on a more serious note ... it really does help memorizing Bible verses, bringing them back to mind in times of momentary mommy panic  :)  :) ]

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