Monday, August 8, 2011

August notes~

Wow, time always goes by fast, doesn't it?!
We're still working with Gabe (he's still anxious), though he's just fine outside on the stake when we leave the house. Too bad he isn't a slightly bigger dog and could just stay outside most of the time ... in the rain and snow ....

We had company this past weekend! Richard's sister, Christi (and family) from SW Missouri. As always, we  had a nice time. The girls were so excited to camp out in the living room with their sleeping bags, bringing arm loads of stuffed animals and dolls to sleep with them.   :)   :)  The boys were happy to be together too, staying up 'til late talking and talking and talking ....   :)  I'm sure they've made great memories.
We had a total of six children in our house over the weekend-- lots of fun!   :) :)
Now that our company has left, I'm preparing for a doctor's visit and for Caleb's 12th Birthday!
As you may know, I have a lot of allergies along with an autoimmune thyroid problem (Hashimoto). In trying to decide between an allergist or endocrinologist, I chose the latter. This will be my first time to visit a specialist of any kind and I'm already amazed at the process so far. Besides taking filled-out paper work and expecting to fill more out at the office, I'm suppose to bring my meds and supplements in their "original containers".  lol!!  Ok, so maybe you don't think this sounds funny ... but I do. I wonder if anyone ever takes a suitcase along.   :)   :)  : ) 
All my Ebay items have successfully sold, receiving more $$$ out of them than  what I'd get at a resale bookstore! Yay! Now that my "old" home school items have sold, a small pile of other miscellaneous items is now growing outside of my closet .... I've decided I kind of like selling on Ebay.    :)   :)
Yes, I'll have a 12 year old by the end of this week!!!  I'll share about Caleb's special day later. I need a little more planning time ... lol!  Up 'til his 8th b'day, I had his b'day celebrations planned out to a T a whole two months before his actual birthday.....  :)  not anymore!  

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