Wednesday, August 3, 2011


I love this pic of Ashlyn making Gabe pose~!
If you've kept up with my blog, you may be wondering how Gabe (almost 2 yrs) is doing with his separation anxiety. Sad to say ... not well at all.  :(  When his anxiety first appeared in June, we began puppy 101 crate training which helped temporarily, but he has reverted back so badly I honestly dread going anywhere. I may put him on the stake in the backyard when we leave tomorrow morning to run errands. Yes, this makes me upset ... yes, I'm trying to breath deeply and stay calm. LOL!    :)  :)   I regret ever having taken him with us to Missouri in June, as I'm positive that's what triggered his anxiety (for this to make sense to you I'd have to go into a long story).
The children & I took Gabe to the vet today to purchase some anti-anxiety medication-for use with the "puppy 101 crate training". We were charged for a physical exam after they simply weighed him and talked with me .... *sigh* .... I know that vets and dentists are very important (and needed) professions, but  I often envision dollar signs $$$$ hovering above their heads while they listen to clients' woes.
Hopefully, hard work and consistency with "puppy" training will pay off and we can take Gabe off the medicine (it's only one month's supply so this training had better come through~!).

I have been selling my "old" home school materials on Ebay, and have been very pleased so far!! This was the right time of year to sell my items, of course, and the whole process (including shipping) is much easier for me than packing them up for a book sale. I've also been finding other items around the house to sell, amused at how my whole family is getting into the Ebay kick. Daily, they bring me random items to list for them. lol~!!

So much more to say ... so little time .... as always.  :)   I'll write again soon~!    :)

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