Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our family "get-away"

We did not take  a "typical" vacation this year, and I began feeling more and more like I was being smothered by our house and needing a break before our school year began ... so we went camping! Actually, Richard would tell you that we've been wanting to go camping for awhile and that he had been planning this all year. For me, however, I desperately needed some time away ...  :) Not that life is terrible, we simply all need some time away to refocus on what's really important in life!
I must admit that I'm not the natural camper type. We hadn't been camping as a family for 7 years!
Even an unnatural camper can relax and have a good time enjoying nature. :)
The weather was absolutely perfect for being outdoors, and we were surprised at the absence of mosquitoes! Yes, bugs, wasps and spiders were bountiful, but didn't seem to bother us too much. :)
We had a wonderful time enjoying each others company, riding bikes, walking Gabe, and then simply sitting outdoors feeling the cool breezes on our faces and listening to the bugs chirp (yes, I know that sounds gross ... but honestly, it's quite mesmerizing). Our meals were quite simple since my whole goal was to relax, and no one seemed to mind or notice.  :)

I will share some photos soon of our quick family camping get-away, while wishing our trip could have lasted a bit longer than one day and night. Honestly, being removed from the "norm", the rush and go of life, was certainly what I needed. I'm sure that I'll be longing for more get-aways again VERY soon!!!! lol!!
On the way home from camping, we heard this Steven Curtis Chapman song, reminding me that every little thing God puts into my life (believe it or not) really is meant to bring a smile to His face- to bring Him glory. When feeling desperate to get away from it all, I tend to think  of all things stressful and difficult in a negative light. Nothing could be farther from the truth, and I need to remember this throughout the year-- especially the school year (now that I have a challenging Middle schooler). [click the highlighted text]

If I didn't believe in a Sovereign God, I think I would go crazy. Honestly! God, please give me strength this new school year!!!    :)

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