Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pics of camping :)

 Richard and the children setting up the tent. Just look at those excited faces!!   :)  :)
 We had perfect camping weather with lower to mid-80 temps and no rain!   :)
 We love chili dogs!!  Mmmm... and S'mores.   :)
[I now look at the above photo and wonder why we didn't move the logs out of the way. :) ]
 The children loved swimming and wading in Rend Lake, Illinois. Ashlyn had collected 12 seashells the day before. After her seashells were thrown out accidentally (oops), we returned in photo below, to find more.
 While Richard waited in the van for us (we would then be on our way home), I prayed inside that we'd be able to at least find 12 sea shells. Ashlyn was so excited after we found 14 seashells, and a very unique flat rock with what looked like a natural design on it. I did not take the time to notice that the rock had a heart shape in the center until we were back in the van. Ashlyn squealed, "Mommy, the rock has a big heart and a little heart in it!!"
After pausing for a moment, she added, "Maybe this is a letter from God!"    :)  :)  I took the rock from her, and sure enough ... one big heart, and one tiny dark heart slightly to the left, inside big one.  :) In the photo below, the heart shape is sideways ... can you find it?
How this rock was made (natural or man made), we'll never know, but what a special treasure to find!! For some reason, Ashlyn now thinks the rock belongs to me and has left it on top of my dresser.  :)  She must instinctively know that I'm touched with reminders of God's love.  

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