Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where do I begin?

Sometimes life is full of emotion, without adequate words to say. This post, however, is a good attempt.   :)
I'm thankful for my sweet husband, his family, my family, our family, and a new year ahead with loved ones (I turned 36 yesterday). I'm such a blessed lady who often takes wonderful things in life for granted. I've been trying to stop and smell the roses lately. It's natural for me to make lists and mark each item off one at a time, but I long to enjoy my kids this summer ~~enjoy our family to the fullest~~
Not that I don't enjoy my family during the school year ... summertime is just "different" from school!!   :)

A week ago, my in-laws celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary! Prior to the celebration, all the guys in the family went camping together for several days while the ladies hung out and prepared for the 40th celebration. It was a whirlwind weekend, and it took me a few to days to recover afterwards (lol!!), but everyone had a nice time together. Driving around Springfield, Missouri reminded me of years gone by when we use to live there as a young married/young family couple~! Time marches on ....
A happy Father's Day, by the way, to all the men in my life. To my own father in Indiana who taught me the importance of honoring & serving God, my father-in-law in Missouri who taught his son to be a good manager of a home (of which I'm very grateful), and to my one and only husband, Richard! Our children are very blessed to have him as their daddy.   :)  :)    What more can I say?!?     :)   :) 

Life carries both good and bad news. My bad news is that Richard's dad, Paul, has prostate cancer. Surgery is scheduled for a week from now, and we are surrounded by many unknowns. We pray that the One who knows the answers will calm our hearts and quiet our fears. Our immediate family has never been through anything like this  ... and though we believe in a Sovereign God, trusting can still be difficult.
Well, I succeeded in typing a blog post!! Time to impatiently stand over the roast that's cooking in the kitchen. It's suppose to be my husband's Father's Day meal-- late. Perhaps he'll overlook the late-ness with the fact that there's Coconut Cream pudding in the fridge!!!!!   lol!! :)  Dessert first on Father's Day, why not?!

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