Sunday, June 26, 2011

Visitors from Indiana and why "36" scares me~ :)

My sister's family from Northern Indiana came for a visit this week! This was their first time to our house in Illinois, and it was good to have them here! We took the Metro link (train) into St. Louis to visit the Arch, walk around Union Station, and walk some more.   :)   Time flew by very quickly as always. We all had a great, fun time together, and Ashlyn was in "girl heaven", surrounded by four girl cousins.  :) So glad they were able to visit us this summer, but sad that all good things must come to an end~!

Richard & I (and kids) plan on traveling to Columbia, Missouri this Tuesday to be with Richard's parents. As mentioned in my previous blog post, Paul (Richard's dad) has cancer and will be having surgery in Columbia. My in-laws live in Springfield, Missouri, but feel most comfortable with a doctor in Columbia. I've looked up parks in the area, and am prepared for the kids getting restless!   :)  If we need anything else, surely we'll find our way around ok with my GPS (TomTom).   :)
One little "hiccup" in our plans, is that our previous trip to Missouri caused our dog, Gabe, to become much more anxious (he's always had an anxious tendency). After returning home from our Missouri  trip June 13th, (we had taken him with us to visit family, keeping him outdoors at relatives house), he began panicking in his crate while we were out and about, and we'd come home to messes and a frightened dog. He never did this prior to our Missouri trip, so obviously keeping him outdoors and in a shed at night at our relative's house was a bad idea (wouldn't you know something like this would transpire at such a time as this?!).  Obviously, one cannot expect an indoor dog to be an outdoor dog. We went back to puppy 101 training and got him back on track with staying in his crate like a good little doggy while we're away from home (with treats as a reward), and he did great all week long dealing with our brief absences (grocery shopping, Dr. visits, etc.). Today, however, we came home from church to another mess in Gabe's crate and a shaking dog. So ... we're trying to figure out what to do with him while we're in Columbia! No, this is not the best timing in the world since we don't want to leave an anxious dog in the care of a dog sitter!! [he's not anxious every single moment of absence, it's a random thing. We're a bit frustrated and wish dogs could speak English]. We had asked a family if they'd like to dog sit while we go to Columbia, but now it's looking like we need a dog psychologist instead (sarcastic).
Before age 36, I'd never been "hit on" nor cussed out by strangers. One week after turning 36, both have happened!!!   UGH!!  :(
**Last Monday, after a routine Doctor visit, a young adult male in the office complimented me on my clothes, which I thought rather odd. I ignored him ... but then he asked with a big grin, "Did you hear what I said?", proceeding to give the compliment again in a much louder voice. I said "thanks", and walked away. I couldn't believe the man was so bold!  No, I was not flattered.  :(   :(   :( 
** Just a couple days ago, while riding home on the Metro link with my family and my sister's family,  a strange lady came aboard the train and started walking up and down the aisle, begging for money. We all politely refused to help (would have given her food if we had had some), and she moved on to others. After about 10-15 minutes, I realized she had returned to our area of the train to ask a lady for some food. She then sat down two seats behind me. While talking with my sister and nieces across the train aisle, I felt a creepy feeling that she was watching us. My children were having fun with my sister's children, and I couldn't put my finger on WHAT was wrong about the strange lady watching us-- but I felt uneasy and tried to discreetly let my sister know that the next Metro stop was ours.  I didn't want to advertise loudly when we were getting off. Richard didn't take my cue, however, and announced to my sister's family that we were getting off at the next stop (in a loud voice).  LOL!    :)  :)  Moments later, the strange lady got up to stand in front of us in the aisle as if to give a speech. She cussed us out, informing us that we were white trash. Before sitting down, she angrily said she wished we would all die. Her words were meaningless to me, but the children were frightened by the experience (understandably). After hurrying off the train more quickly than you've probably ever seen people exit a train, one of the children was in tears and counseling sessions ensued with all the other children as well. Yes, we reported this strange lady to the Metro Security people.
**See what I mean?  Year 36 is beginning to frighten me!!!?    lol!     
I'm praying for a better week (for everyone (including Gabe)-- not just me)!!!   :)  :)   lol!!   :)
After re-reading this, it's apparent we ALL need  psychologists!!!!!!!!   :)  bahaha

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