Monday, June 27, 2011

Smile, it's Monday :) :) ~

Yay-- so thankful it's going to work to leave Gabe with a neighbor who's home all the time and has a dog. Gabe really likes the neighbor's dog, and we're thinking he will less likely be anxious and make messes if he's not left alone (will always be with another dog). Being left alone causes his anxiety, so this set-up should work for now. When we return from Columbia, we'll need to continue our doggy training 101 with practice leaving him in his crate while we're gone (one starts with 10 minutes, then extends the time longer, giving treats when returned home to a "good", un-anxious dog).
6 AM will come around quite early Tuesday morning (tomorrow), the time we're planning to take off for Columbia, MO. We don't know what time Paul's surgery will be, so he might be in the operating room before we arrive at the hospital (will take us 2 1/2 hrs to get there; surgery will last approx. 3 hrs), but we're going to try our best .....
Even if we don't make it before surgery, we'll be there with Lynette (my mother in law) during and after the surgery.
Ashlyn keeps getting excited over our "trip", asking when we're leaving. I keep reminding her that this trip is not a vacation. As mentioned in my previous post, we're taking a few things for the kids to do at a nearby park, along with their swimming gear (there's a water area in the park, too!).
We've never experienced anything like this before (surgery/cancer), so it's difficult knowing how to prepare the kids .... I'm praying for Wisdom!  Oh-- and I hope it doesn't rain~!

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