Sunday, June 5, 2011

My little girl can ride her bike (w/o training wheels)!! :) :)

I am SO proud of my little girl!! Ashlyn rode her bike today with daddy following not too far behind ...   :)  :) 
It's taken her a long time to learn- comparing to the boys when they were her age. I've often wondered to myself, "Will she ever learn so we can enjoy family bike rides again?"    :)   :)  After months of encouragement, prodding from dad, and hard work- she did it!!!!     :)    I am so thrilled that with a little more practice, we should be able to enjoy a family bike ride soon. I have not been on a bike ride with the family for THREE years (when Ashlyn outgrew the kid carrier thing on the back of the bike)!!  It's been way TOO long!!! :) :)

Along with the excitement, I'm also feeling sadness over my baby growing up! I've reached the middle-aged years  where I oohh, ahh, and google over other people's babies, longing for another pair of chubby baby feet in our house- yet knowing those days are gone forever. Why didn't I enjoy my children more fully when they were babies???  Waahhh ... probably because I was trying to get through each day, encouraging them to reach each new milestone!! AAAaaaaahhhh  ["ah", as in wailing].    

I realize there are different "seasons" in motherhood, I simply don't handle the growing pains very well.  I'm probably feeling more sentimental than normal since I'm having another b'day this month, and our oldest child turns 12 this summer. I feel tears coming on .....

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