Sunday, May 22, 2011

A quiet spot

 Look at what our family worked on all day yesterday!! We were all very exhausted afterwards, and that's an understatement! I have a new appreciation for pioneer people who not only worked extremely hard day after day, but somehow managed to cook a full meal in between their outdoor work!!  How they pulled that off, I'll never understand (hmm ... maybe they cooked outside).
How exciting to get this project started and finished in one day! I should have taken a "before" shot so you could really appreciate this along with me.  :)   :)  We've wanted to improve our backyard for such a long time... all the weed pulling, tilling and flower planting was worth while!!
No, my muscles are not sore from yesterday (Yay for having exercised with P90X)  ... but I've literally been in a sun daze.  I think working in the direct sunlight zapped my brain, causing me to realize that I'm no longer a young 20 year old.
I'll [hopefully] soon paint and stain the bench, and then gradually add other items to this new "quiet spot" in the yard. :)  Here I'll sit and think. I'll ponder what's wrong with our culture. [warning: turning philosophical]. Why do people keep so much to themselves and not work at getting to know others? They may have incorrect impressions of people they think they know. Why does our human nature tend to think one "knows" people after having had a handful of conversations, or with staying safe with  surface, chit-chatty questions or topics. How can one assume they know how others "tick" after such conversations?   I've come to the conclusion that most people are afraid to get to know others, because it would mean opening up and sharing more about themselves in the process.
What if one desires to learn more from others and to build relationships, but no one has time to reciprocate because they're too busy?
Mother Teresa once said: "in the developing world there is an epidemic of poverty, in the west an epidemic of loneliness."   
I don't know how to conclude this thought.  :(  Sorry  ... this wasn't a planned topic.   :)   :)  I pray that God will help me reach out to others in the midst of this "epidemic", instead of focusing on my own self. I pray I won't miss opportunities to bless others within the busy-ness of life.
Goodnight~!!    :)  
[ I may not want to be zapped in the sunlight again for awhile....]     :)

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